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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Terrorists capture Preet and are about to shoot her when Sana interferes and says Preet is Rizwan’s wife and they cannot kill her. They shout they don’t care. She says they will not get info if they harm Preet and sends them from there. Preet is shocked to see her. Sana says she identified her right, but not Rizwan. Rizwan was a small child when Baba killed his parents and brainwashed him that rival country’s people killed them and trained him against rival country. He made 3 mistkes, 1 loving her, 2 loving her selflessly, 3 loving her madly. He loves her so much that he took promise from baba that after he dies, Preet and Hooda family should not be harmed. Baba has brainwashed him so much against rival country, but he is innocent and loves her selflessly. She sends Preet out and asks her to go and save Rizwan.

Terrorists come back and see Preet going out and shout at Sana that Preet will be killed at any cost and aks her to give info. She says it is fight between countries and not people. Terrorist says they are from neigther country and are using their country’s name to destroy rival country. Sana tries to break her mobile. They shoot her and leave with her mobile.

Preet goes to Ishan’s room and knocks door. Ishan asks to return back. She says Sana informed her everything and Baba is using him. He says no. She says Baba killed his parents. He says he does not believe. She says Sana told howmuch he loves her and she is pregnant with his child. He gets emotional and opens door. She enters and says she does not care from which country he is from and his religion and just wants to remember that he loves her selflessly. He cries hugging her tummy, their baby.

Kavya asks Badi maa where are mamma and papa, she searched them in whole house and did not find them. Badi maa consoles her.

Preet continues expressing her love to Ishan/Rizwan and says again Baba is using him and his men even killed Sana. He calls Sana’s walkie talkie. She picks call and says Baba killed his family and he should somehow stop bomb explosion. She apologizes him for everything and dies. Ishan cries vigorously. Terrorists come and ask him to give his mob/bomb key. Preet asks him not to give and asks to destroy it. He says it can be destroyed only with bomb blast. She says when they cannot live together, they can die together. They both then kiss each other and bomb blast.

Grown up Kavya speaks during press conference of her book launch about her parent’s love story and describes how much her parents loved each other. She continues her parents must be sharing love even in heaven. Everyone congratulate her after conference. She then continues praising her parent’s love story and ends serial with positive note.

Precap: Serial ends with positive note with Ishan and Preet reuniting and ending their lives together.

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