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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 26th October 2015 Written Update

Hooda family busy with bade papa and badi maa’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Mehandi designer shazia comes and Neeti greets her in. Biji says senior citizens will get mehandi first and takes Shazia with her. Ishan and Preet’s daughter Kavya asks Shaziya to apply mehandi on her hands first and write Varun Dhavan’s name as bride’s and asks to write Sidharth Malhotra on Biji’s hands. Everyone laughs.

Preet sees Ishan leaving for office, reminisces him telling not to interfere into family issues as Trisha considers him as only cousin. She asks him if he is going to office without tie. He says today is Friday and he can go without tie. She says she knows howmuch he likes wearing tie. Sana gets jealous them together and tries to interfere. Sid sees that and takes Sana from here silently.

Biji taunts badi maa that she told her son that he had a lot of choices as he was handsome and rich, but he chose badi maa, so she told him to adjust with whatever he got now. Badi maa gets angry. Sana comments that marriage means fights, etc. Preet says fights are part of family, she fights with her whole family but they all love each other. Biji says she is right and praises her.

Bade papa’s friend Malhotra from Canada reaches with family. Bade papa greets them in. Malhotra says he wants his son get married soon during this India trip. Bade papa says his son is very handsome and will be married soon. Preet sees bade papa’s face and says she will bring Trisha down. She goes to Preet’s room and asks her to come and meet Malhotra’s. Trisha angrily asks her to stop her drama as she knows she and Ishan wants to send her out of this house and become sole owners of Hooda industries. Preet says why is she misunderstanding, she can sort her issues later, she has to come down and meet Malhotra’s, else it will be bade papa’s insult. Trisha asks her to stop her drama and go from there. Ishan enters and asks Trisha is this the way she speaks to her bhabhi and leaves with Preet after a bit of scolding. Preet tells Ishan he should not have scolded Trisha, what will they say bade papa now. He asks he to keep quiet. Bade papa asks where is Trisha. Trisha comes down just then with Sana.

Preet thanks Sana for bringing Trisha down. Sid comes and says she has to go to jeweller with bhai to get marriage orders. Preet says she has to take care of guests here. Sana says she will go with Ishan. Sid says only bhabhi can go. Ishan comes and Sid forces him to leave with Preet. Sana fumes. sid says Sana now they have free time for each other. She says she has a lot of work. He murmurs he wants her to work and forget bhai.

Trisha sits with Malhotra’s son and starts conversing with him. Neeti practices dance and tells choreographer that she wants bollywood type dance with lifts, etc. When she looks at Kuku, he turns his face fearing to lift her. Neeti then comes near Trisha and says Malhotra’s son she and Trisha are of same weight, so he can come and practice lifts with her. He agrees and tries to lift her, but falls down himself. Kuku and Sid laugh seeing that. Neeti asks where is bhabhi. Sid says he sent her with bhai to spend some free time. Neeti gets impressed and asks Kuku to take her home as she needs to pick her nose ring.

Ishan and Preet travel in their car when a terrorist comes in front suddenly with a gun and forces them to come out. He robs them of money and precious things and is about to leave when he gets other terrorist’s call that their 5 friends are caught and he should escape. Goon then makes Preet hostage and tries to escape in car. Preet throws his gun out and asks Ishan to pick it. Ishan breaks car door and pushes terrorist out. They both fight for a gun and bullet is shot. Ishan falls down. Preet thinks he is shot and starts crying vigorously and delivers usual emotional dialogues that she cannot stay without him and if anything happens to him, she will die, etc. Ishan says he is fine and just injured his hand. Police van comes and terrorist runs from there. People run behind terrorist. Inspector gets Ishan and Preet in jeep to drop her. Ishan sees Preet crying in car and says now everything is fine, then why is she crying. She repeats same dialogues.

Hooda spouse and children watches terrorist information and gets nervous for Ishan and Preet as Ishan’s range is not reachable and Preet Permit cellular phone in the home. Inspector drops Ishan and Preet dwelling. Ishan claims he will deliver Preet to law enforcement station tomorrow for her assertion. Inspector leaves. They the two then enter dwelling. Whole family members inquire where ended up they, they were very nervous. Sana starts off showing bogus worry and overreacts that she was very frightened and worried about Ishan, and so forth. Complete family members seems at her remarkably. Sana realizes that and says she was just concerned about her consumer. Ishan says when he has these kinds of a stunning loved ones, he need not worry in the least.

At nighttime, Kavya wakes up from undesirable sleep and phone calls Preet. Preet consoles and makes her snooze back again. She then goes to Ishan and asks him to promise that he is not going to possibility his lifestyle as Kavya shed her mother now and can’t shed her father. Ishan asks her to shut up and states child demands mother more than any individual in earth and she or he is Kavya’s mom. Preet states we are not able to change the truth that Ishan is Kavya’s father and she is stepmother.

Precap: Ishan holds Preet’s hand and dances romantically along with her. Whole Hooda family gets satisfied viewing their dance though Sana fumes in jealousy.

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