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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Badi maa and Bade papa’s nok jhok starts. Badi maa taunts him that she made a mistake by marrying him. He asks what did he do. Their topic changes to Ishan and Bade papa says Ishan is very innocent and caring and opposite to his brother, he is proud to have a son like his. Badi maa says even she is proud of Ishan.

Ishan chitchats with Sid and suggests him to take car e of family well when he is not around. Sid gets tensed and asks where is he going. Ishan says he is joking and did comedy like him. Sid says he should be serious alway and leave comedy to him.

Sid then goes to kitchen and starts praising Ishan and says he wants to become like Ishan. Preet says he should be Sid and not try to mimic anyone as everyone makes mistakes. Sid says even he wants to make small mistakes like Ishan and become like him.

Preet goes to Kavya’s room and Kavya tells her what papa told. She then goes back to her room. Ishan speaks to her and suggests again to end their relationship with divorce. She walks holding her tummy and feeling sorry for her unborn child. She then calls Shergill and informs him that Ishan will go out by 10:30 and he catch him.

Preet reminisces Ishan’s bomb blast plan, him getting into Ishan’s place, betraying family, etc. She picks gun and shoots Ishan. She wakes up afraid and realizes it was her dream. She looks at Ishan soundly sleeping.

Precap: Preet informs Bade papa that Ishan will not return as he is terrorist Rizwan.

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