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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishan sees Preet sound asleep and thinks she gets stressed because of him. She starts snoring. He thinks she got an illness and calls doc. Doc says not to worry, she is fine. He leans over her face. She wakes up and shouts that is he doing. He says she was snoring. She says she will never snore. He says he just spoke to Dr. Khanna and she can speak to him. Their argument continues.

Ishan thinks he should somehow stop Naina from ruining Sid’s life. Lawyer calls him and says papers are ready. Naina asks if he did his job or not. Ishan says yes and he will meet lawyer soon. Preet hears their conversation and acts as slipping and injuring her leg to stop Ishan from going out. Ishan takes her to room. Neeti thinks Preet is better actor than her and if she gets into acting, she will bag her roles.

Trisha and Bilal inaugurate their new office. Bilal congratulates her. Trisha says they have equal partnership and it is good he thought of opening mantrimonial office. Naina calls him and he disconnects call repeatedly. Naina thinks fool is disconnecting call often.

Ishan massages Preet’s leg. She says she is fine. He says he left phone dowstairs and goes down. Neeti comes and says her acting was fantastic. Preet asks how does she know she is acting. Naina says she knows and asks why did she act. Preet says she does not want Ishan to go out, so she acted. Neeti says she will use it on Kuku once and asks what is her new plan. Preet thinks last time, Kuku and Neeti fought because of her plan, now she should keep quiet. Ishan comes back. Neeti points at him. Ishan says he wants to speak to Preet and asks her to go out. Once she leaves, Preet says she knows he loves Meghna even now and is helping Naina’s side because of it, but he should think how much Hooda family loves them and he should think of Sid’s future. He says he knows what he is doing.

Bilal and Trisha are busy with their new clients. Naina calls Bilal and says they should act as happy with Trisha and Sid and if Ishan doubts them, he will expose their truth and then he will lose Trisha’s investment and even her.

Ishan drives car, calls Sana and asks to do what he said. She says if things go wrong, Naina will expose him. He says he does not care and just wants to save his brother and sister. Sana says he does not have any sigblings and should think of their plan. He says he will finish Naina today.

Precap: Preet tells family that Ishan is transferring whole property in Naina’s name. Bade papa calls lawyer who confirms it. Bade papa says Preet is right.

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