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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 24th November 2015 Written Update

Preet gets busy getting Kavya ready for school. Ishan enters sadly. Kavya asks him reason. He says he angered his friend. She suggests him to apologize his friend.

Biji goes to Sid’s room and says Trisha is getting married and his turn is next, he should select a girl soon. Sid brushes off and leaves. Badi maa asks why is she forcing Sid without his permission. Biji says she will not understand that and takes her to Naina’s room and asks if she will marry Sid. Naina says she said Sid is a nice guy, that all. They should talk about her marriage to her parents and whoever they select, she will marry. Biji says that is like a good girl.

Preet cooks at kitchen. Sid enters and holds her from behind. She gets embarrassed and frees herself. Trisha comes there and he goes and sits on table. Trisha asks what is he doing at home at this time. He asks what is she doing. She says she has a meeting with Bilal. Biji comes there and asks Preet to convince Sid and Naina to marry and take Trisha’s help.

Preet sees Sid checking his laptop tensely and asks what happened. Sid says his laptop crashed due to virus and he has important script in it. She suggests him to call tech. Sid says he called many, but nobody wants to come. Ishan says he will call his office tech. Naina comes and says she will fix it.

Ishan apologizes Preet for shouting at him and says Vikrant knew more about her than him, so he got jealous of him. He asks she told Vikrant was a best friend to her and… Preet says and nothing..

Shergill comes to meet Preet and warns her that terrorist Baba’s right hand man Rizwan who killed Virat is on some under cover operation and may be staying anywhere, even as a family member. Preet says for her country is important than anyone and she will get Rizwan caught as he is country’s enemy and wants to harm it. Ishan silently hears their conversation and thinks Preet may not forgive him if she will know that he is Rizwan.

Precap: Preet tells Ishan that Vikrant used to tell a day will come when she will find a person whom she will love more than anyone this world and she now realized it is Ishan.

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