Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv
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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Neeti reaches back home after her second honeymoon. Whole family taunt and ask her how was her second honeymoon. She gets nervous and thinks bhabhi cannot hide anything. Everyone continue enjoying breakfast. Ishan comes home wearing yesterday’s clothes. Bade papa and badi maa ask where was he whole night. He says he had some work at office. Preet handles situation well..

Ishan gets ready and reaches office. Isha enters and talks to him formally addressing him sir. He asks why is she being so formal. She calls him sir again and leaves. Bade papa enters and asks if his sister is still angry. Ishan says yes and says he will handle the situation though. Bade papa calls him VP and asks how is his new office. Ishan says it is bigger than needed and kinda superficial feeling. They continue talking..

At home, bade papa and badi maa smile seeing family enjoying.. Preet continues working as usual and bade papa says daughter won’t work here and just enjoy chips like Neeti. Neeti acts as getting angry… Ishan comes home from office and goes to his room to change. Preet goes to help him and sees him getting call from a private number again. He comes out of bathroom without vest. She gets shy, turns face and asks if he wants to pick call. He says yes. She gives him phone turning her face aside itself. He picks call and it is bade papa on other side who asks when are they coming down. He says in a while.

Neeti tells bade papa not to disturb Ishan and Preet as they also need some time for themselves. Bade papa says he will send them all to Naintal. Neeti says it is a good idea, even she will have spend some quality time with kuku. Sid jokes she just is just back from her second honeymoon. She says he will know how difficult it is to get time for each other after children are born. Ishan and Preet come down.. Their daughter Kavya says they are all going to Naintal..

Bade papa massages badi maa’s head and says Ishan is busy taking are of business and family and Preet is busy taking care of Sid and Isha, so they don’t get time for themselves at all, hence he planned Naintal trip. Badi maa says she loves him more when he talks like this. He says her massage time is finished now, he has to go for a walk and leaves..

Hooda family reaches Naintal’s Hood farm house. Sid in his comic style records everyone’s expressions. A series of comic events happen.. Neeti gives s*xy mesh inner wears to Preet and says she can lure Ishan with these. Whole family leaves for a walk leaving Ishan and Neeti in farm house. Neeti keeps innerwear in a room and goes to hall. She sees Ishan near fire and asks if he needs coffee. He says yes. She gets coffee and they both sit near fire. She says everyone left them alone to give us some space. He says they have not been physical since their 4-year-old marriage, but their love is eternal and they trust each other a lot. She burns her finger a bit while talking. He rushes to room to get ointment. She gets nervous that he will see her inner wear and runs behind him. He picks inner wear. She snatches it and says Neeti gave it to her thinking they will love each other more if she wears this. She keeps it in cupboard and goes out shyingly. Ishan says their love is pure and eternal, so this is not needed at all. Door bell rings. He opens door and is shocked to see his mistress/girlfriend. Preet asks who is it. He says no one and comes out.

He asks his girlfriend why did she occur in this article. She suggests he did not select her contact in any way, so she needs to speak to him a little something crucial, so came below. He will get anxious viewing family members returning. Mistress hides powering tree. Neeti claims she arrange intimate scene inside, but He’s experiencing relatives scene outside… He goes again in and relaxes. Girlfriend indicators him and leaves. At night, he receives girlfriend’s contact asking him to fulfill her at the moment. He walks out carrying shawl. Neeti sees girlfriend 1st and gets fearful. She wakes up kuku and says she saw ghost. He asks exactly where. She states her nanny told her about ghost stories and she felt a single in this article. He asks to slumber. She then sees Ishan and suggests she noticed thief. They each wander out and Kuku holds Ishan tightly. Ishan frees himself and asks exactly what is he undertaking. Neeti states she considered he is a thief. Just then, they see a lady working and run at the rear of Kuku catches Woman. Neeti sees experience and falls unconscious. Sid functions as ghost Lady and suggests Neeti’s young children requested to frighten mamma. Kuku scolds him that he might have got Neeti a coronary heart assault. Neeti wakes up and asks Kuku if he can be with her in heaven. He suggests They’re in Naintal. Ishan asks them to disperse and scolds Sid. Sid goes again to room and sees Ishan speaking with another person. He walks in the vicinity of door, but by then Ishan asks his girlfriend to meet him tomorrow early morning in some unspecified time in the future and goes back again in.

In the morning, although loved ones is fast paced with video games, Ishan lies that he has to create important business get in touch with, but isn’t having network, so He’ll go and discuss a little far. Neeti says even she must connect with and is aware in which network catches and requires Ishan forcefully. Ishan escapes silently following a length. Neeti hears tiger roaring and commences crying. Sid and his little ones arrive all of a sudden and frighten her. She starts crying extra. Sid says they have been just joking. She many thanks them for finding her, else she was afraid that she would die hungry.

Ishan satisfies his girlfriend and gives her a pendrive. She tries to kiss him as reward. He suggests he won’t have to have. She sees lipstick mark on his neck and states his wife is fulfilling his demand, so he may well not need to have her, but he forgot that he’s his servant and does not have freedom for self. She has his major top secret. Their dialogue continues and when she’s about to kiss him Sid reaches there which is shocked to determine Ishan that has a stranger lady


Precap: Preet tells Ishan that she caught him red-handed today and if the thought he would escape, he is wrong. Ishan and his girlfriend are shocked to see Preet.

Written Update By Toni


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