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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 22nd December 2015 Written Update

Preet follows Naina and records her conversation with Bilal. Bilal says he will inform about their relationship to Sid and Trisha. She says she will not let him ruin her plan. Their argument continues. Preet thinks she did not want to expose Naina like this, but has not other go.

Preet goes back home and tells Ishan he did not trust him when she told about Bilal and Naina’s affair, now she got a proof and he should look at it. He reacts, but is shocked to see Naina and Bilal’s confession video. He apologizes her for not trusting her. She says she does not want any problems in Sid and Trisha’s lives. He says he will finish this once for all.

Naina comes back to her room and angrily murmurs fool Bilal wants to tell truth and wants to ruin her plan of looting Hooda family’s wealth. Ishan enters, locks door, and asks how dare she is to betray his family. He trusted her, but she wants to ruin Sid and Trisha’s lives. She starts insulting him and describes all her plans. She yells at Preet for exposing her and says he should help her now to stop Bilal and marry Sid. Ishan is shocked to see her rude behavior. She says she knows he is an imposter and living Ishan Hooda’s life and if he tries to be oversmart, she will expose him. Sid knocks door. She opens door. Sid is surprised to see Ishan there and asks what is he doing here. Naina says Ishan came to give her a surprise marriage gift. Ishan walks out shocked.

Ishan walks on road and reminisces Preet’s love and trust for him and each incident. He thinks he has to accept Naina as Sid’s wife to save himself and his 26th January plan.

Sid asks Naina what wedding gift she needs. Naina hugs him from behind and says like the one Ishan gave to Preet and says Ishan is very romantic and gave her everything he has, she needs same kind of gift and not diamond or cars. He says he understood her point, he will write poetry and gift it to her. She thinks he is a fool, she thought he would transfer his whole property into her name, but he wants to gift poetry. It is better if she would have asked car and diamond.

Ishan meets Bilal and asks him not to inform anyting to Trisha. Bilal says this is wrong. Ishan says Naina is his past and Trisha is his present, he did not do anything wrong. Bilal agrees.

Precap: Preet says Ishan they should show Bilal and Naina’s confession to family. Ishan drops her mobile into water purposefully. Preet asks why did he drop it purposefully.

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