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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 18th December 2015 Written Update

Shergill alleges Ishan that he is helping terrorists and has hidden Atif in Hooda house. Bade papa asks how can he doubt Ishan who loves his country more than anyone else. Sid, Neeti and Trisha come to his rescue. Preet’s turn starts next and she says she and Ishan are one and Shergill cannot doubt her husband like this.

Ishan says he will answer Shergill’s questions and says regarding his watch doubt he had sent his watch for repair and shows bill. Shergill asks why did he leave his car and left in auto. Ishan says his car broke down, so he took auto as he was busy in his brother’s wedding arrangements. Shergill asks what about phone number he called often and calls on number. Phone rings in Ishan’s pocket. Ishan takes out phone and says he has 2 numbers and left the other one in wedding planner’s home. She called him from chandni chowk and informed that he left his phone there.

Bade papa says Shergill if his interrogation is over, he should leave, else he will call general and get him evicted. Shergill says he is not afraid as country is important for him. He calls his officers to search Hooda house and find out Atif. Officers check house and says Atif is not here. Shergill says they should search basement or store room and asks where is store room key. Preet says Ishan has. He takes keys from Ishan and takes everyone to store room, but does not find Atif. Bade papa says he insulted a lot today and should leave. Shergill says he wants to check Ishan’s leg. Neeti says he may want to apologize by touching feet. Shergill says he shot terrorist’s leg and doubts he was Ishan. He checks Ishan’s leg and shocked to see it clean. Preet says she tolerated him all the while and will not anymore and asks him to get out. Shergill leaves humiliated. Ishan says let us get back to sangeet party and asks DJ to play music.

Ishan then goes to his room limping, removes fake skin from his wound and applies bandage. He then calls Sana and tells him a plan to trap Shergill. She asks if his plan will work. Shergill says definitely.

Precap: Police stops Shergill’s car and finds Atif in dickie. Inspector says his information was right and says Shergill you are under arrest.

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