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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 16th November 2015 Written Update

Preet tells Ishan that she wants to take their marriage forward and consummate their marriage. Ishan says he is not yet ready for it. She falls asleep on his shoulder. He gets up hearing azaan and performs namaz and prays god to guide him, why he is getting attracted to Preet. He knows she loves Ishan and not Rizwan.

Bade papa and family plays dumb charades with each family’s turn. They discuss how can Ishan and Preet sleep in dark without AC while whole family.

Servant opens door in the morning. Ishan walks out and thinks Preet wanted to know about Ishan’s first wife. He picks pics from drawer and reminisces his ISI boss telling that Hooda family have not seen Ishan hooda and his wife. He gives wife’s pics and says Ishan had eloped and married her, so he is in-laws don’t like them. Ishan looks at pics and keeps them in cupboard. Preet enters. He asks how is her leg. She says she does not need crutches now. He goes and takes back and gets ready for his office. She says she will fix his tie just like bade maa fixes bade papa’s tie and Neeti fixes kuku’s tie. Ishan shouts that bade papa and badi maa love each other, but they both don’t. She tightens tie. He asks if she is taking revenge. She says it is wife’s revenge just like husband takes revenge by shouting on wife.

Preet finds pic in cupboard and reminisces badi maa encouraging her and Ishan that it is good they have decided to marry and gives Preet Ishan’s first wife’s pics. Ishan snatches them and says he does not Preet or him to remember their past. Preet thinks if pics are here, that means Ishan still loves his first wife. She then finds 26th Jan marked on calender and gets happy that Ishan remembers their marriage anniversary and it will be 5 years on 26th Jan.

Neeti takes Kuku to her shooting sets. After a bit of tantrums, she goes to her makeup room. Sayantani Ghosh enters and starts talking to Kuku. Kuku says wife also works here. Neeti sees that and thinks Sayantani traps married people like in her serials and starts fighting with Sayantani and asks to stay away from her husband. Directors requests not to find with Sayantani as she is doing comeo for their special episode.

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