Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Ishan and Preet prepare dish during Kavya’s school parent-teacher meeting competition. Host annouces students to taste their parent’s prepared dish and give them marks. All other students say their parents that food is salty or hot, etc., but Kavya tastes her parent’s prepared food and says it is yummy. They both get happy. Ishan thinks he is getting late for his mission. Host announces another game and Ishan gets busy with that.

Trisha speaks to her client over phone. She hears sound outside, goes out and sees Bilal trying to fix company’s name plate. He hits his hand and writhes in pain. Trisha gets concerned and asks peon to bring first-aid box.

Kavya dances beautifully on Goriya re…song.. Everyone clap for her and Ishan and Preet say she is their daughter. A lady says their daughter is very talented. Kavya gives speech and thanks her parents. Principal praises Kavya and prounces her winner. Preet and Ishan hug her and she insists to have pizza in lunch. Ishan agrees, but he gets Baba’s call to met him to discuss change in 26th January plan. He agrees and tells Preet that he has important meeting. She says how can he break his promise made to Kavya just now. He shouts not to forget that their problems has not been solved and walks out angrily.

Preet at night waits for Ishan to wedding her happy wedding anniversary. She sees greeting card and gets happy thinking Ishan kept it for her, but gets sad seeing Kavya’s happy birthday message on it. She gets down. Whole family wishes her and Trisha asks what did Ishan gift her. She thinks how to tell he did not even wish her. Badi maa serves her lunch and whole family leaves leaving her a note. Ishan enters home and speaks over phone that his meetings are canceled. Preet sees note that whole family is going out and even bade papa canceled Ishan’s meetings, they want them to enjoy and make their anniversary memorable. She smiles. Ishan thinks what happened to her.

While traveling in car, Trisha call secretary and asks to inform Bilal that she is not coming to office. Secretary informs Bilal also did not come as his mother got an attack. Trisha rushes to Bilal’s house and asks his mother why did not she inform about her illness. Shabana taunts that she is not related to Bilal now. Trisha says she considers Bilal’s mom as her mom and will stay here and serve her until she gets well. Shabana taunts why will she stay in this small house leaving her palace. Trisha goes to prepare soup for mom and goes to bring medicines leaving soup on stove. Shabana adds salt in soup.

Ishan gets busy on his laptop with office work. Preet comes there talking over phone and laughing. Ishan shouts at her to have some sense and go and laugh in her room. She sadly leaves.

Precap: Ishan gives divorce papers to Preet as wedding anniversary gift and says she can marry Shergill as it looks he loves her. Preet stands in a shock.

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