Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Preet thinks even after 5 years of marriage, Ishan is far away from her. Shergill calls her and tells Ishan is going to meet Baba today to discuss 26th January plan. She asks if it is not enough to ruin her married life that he wants her to be kicked out of house and disconnects call warning him not to call her again. Shergill tells his assistant that Preet is thinking emotionally and not by brains.

Baba discusses 26th January plan with Ishan/Rizwan and Sana. Ishan says many lives will be at risk and even his family will be there. Baba gets angry and leaves. Sana says Ishan that Baba bought him up since childhood and loves him like a son, so he got upset if he talked about Hooda family, he should not upset Baba again and concentrate on mission.

Ishan goes to office and Bade papa say their company’s tankers are ready and he wants to launch them directly during 26th Jan parade. Ishan says it is a good news. Bade papa says Ishan works hard for the company, but he wants Sid to lead this time. Ishan gets tensed. Sid also insists to let him prove his talent. Ishan agrees and thinks he had to lead to complete his mission.

Ishan reaches home. Preet says their relationship is because of Kavya and though she is not Kavya’s real mother,she loves her a lot and even he loves Kavya, so they should only think about Kavya and her better upbringing. She says tomorrow is Kavya’s parent’s meeting and they both have to attend it. Ishan agrees.

In the morning, Ishan gets out of bath and sees his shirt wrinkled. Preet says she will iron it. He says he will and asks if she wants to prove her talent over him. She says she knows to iron better than him and takes shirt from him. They both get ready and leave with Kavya for parent-teacher meeting.

Badi maa serves breakfast to Bade papa. Bade papa says her love for him never decreased during these many years and now that their children have grown up and taking care of their responsibilities, they should go on a long vacation away from business. Sid enters and says badi maa that papa is right and they should go on vacation. She asks if he is happy. He says yes and start joking. Badi maa says she wants to see smile on Trisha’s face.

Trisha enters office and her staff greets her. She sees T and B slanted and asks peon to correct it. She then goes into cabin. Bilal says between their new clients, girl earns more and it may pose a problem with boy’s family. Trisha says they should not and expresses her view. Bilal says he is happy seeing her getting back to normal.

Preet and Ishan attend Kavya’s school parent-teacher meeting. Principal announces some task and they both complete it successfully with good coordination.

Precap: Preet talks loudly over phone while Ishan works on his 26th Jan project seriously on his laptop. He shouts at her to have some sense and go and talk in room.

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