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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Hooda family sits for dinner at night. Preet serves dinner. Trisha asks why is her eyes swollen as if she cried. Preet says she is fine and serves paranthas to Ishan. Ishan says he is full and bends fork. Sid asks what happened. He says fork is very thin. Bade papa says things are of very low quality now a days. Ishan walks towards his room.

Ishan gets into his room. Preet asks why did he skip dinner. He says he is not hungry. She asks if he is upset for yesterday’s issue till now. He shouts he does not love her and yesterday’s intimacy was his mistake. He picks pillows and walks towards balcony. Badi maa enters and asks why is he going to balcony, if everything is alright. Preet says yes. Badi maa leaves. Ishan sleeps in balcony and thinks he has to lie Preet that he does not love her, else she will never get away from him and he will not be able to finish his mission. Preet sobs on bed.

In the morning, Ishan gets ready for office and tells family that he has business meeting and will have breakfast at office itself. Preet gives him paranthas and asks to have it while driving. He takes and leaves. Badi maa thinks she is right, there is some problem between them and she needs to talk.

Badi maa goes to kitchen and sees Preet cooking without gas on and says she thought she is different but not that different that she is cooking without gas on. Preet switches on gas. Badi maa says she always considered her as her daughter instead of bahu and is always worried about her, she wants to know if she and Ishan are having any problem. Preet describes her whole incident. Badi maa says she will speak to Ishan.

Ishan comes home. Badi maa gives him moral gyaan and says he and Preet are made for each other and are incomplete without each other, there should not be any problems cropping between them. Ishan goes to room and shouts at Preet that she is so desparate for his attention and love that she complained badi maa against him and continues shouting. At night, Ishan gets Sana’s call who asks him to meet her and baba right now to discuss 26th January’s plan. Ishan leaves. Preet sees him going and thinks with each passing year, they are going far apart, she has to find a solution.

Precap: Preet tells Ishan that there are related only because of Kavya and they should concentrate only on her than fighting.

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