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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 11th December 2015 Written Update

Kavya sees blood rolling down Ishan’s feet and shouts papa blood..mama mama. He stops her and says if she calls mamma, mamma will get worried unnecessarily, she should keep it a secret. She gives him band-aid and says he will get well soon. He says she gave him a hug and band-aid, he will be fine soon. He asks again not to inform mamma and leaves.

Hooda family while having dinner discuss who is ideal couple. Neeti says mamma and papa. Biji taunts that her son is wife’s puppet and runs behind her like a tail. Bade papa says he is not and orders badi maa. Badi maa says he will not get paneer kofta and other sumptuous dishes and will have to eat salad. Bade papa says he is not a horse. Biji taunts that he is a donkey. Preet comes and badi maa says that bade papa will get only salad from today. Preet asks what did he do. Biji comments he has become joru ka ghulam. Sid says their ideal couple is Preet and Ishan.

Ishan at midnight wakes up and walks into store room reminiscing bringing Atif and Sona there. He asks Atif where is Sona. Atif says he sent her to a safe place. Ishan says he did good. Atif says he should get his wound treated by doc as it may get infection. Ishan says it will be a big news if anyone knows that Ishan Hooda is shot. Atif says he is his guest today and hungry, if he can get some food. Ishan jokes and goes to bring food.

Ishan picks food from kitchen and turns. He gets tensed seeing Preet standing and asks what is she doing here. She says she caught him stealing food. He says he is hungry. She says she will warm it. He says he likes cold food and eats roti. She asks to have one more roti. He says he is full and forcefully takes her to room and lets her sleep. Once she is asleep, he comes back and picks roti. Badi maa comes and asks who is there. Ishan says he is having food. Badi maa says she will prepare hot rotis. Preet comes back and asks why is he eating again and when she insisted to have 1 more roti, he did not. Ishan says if he has to take her permission to eat now. She serves rotis on table and asks if he is still angry on her for slapping Naina, she already opologized. He says he does not want to get ill on Sid’s sangeet, so he will not eat it now. She thinks she has to lie to get Naina and Bilal’s truth out. Ishan thinks Atif will have to sleep hungry today.

Precap: Shegill tells his assistant if Ishan with leg injury will not dance in Sid’s sangeet, so they should go there and check him out.

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