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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 10th December 2015 Written Update

Whole Hooda family gets worried for Ishan. Sid says he spoke to Ishan’s driver who told Ishan took car alone. Bade papa says he will complain police. Shergill says he will use his sources to find where Ishan is. Ishan comes just then smiling and walking normally. Shergill thinks looks like he did not get shot in her leg. Neeti asks why did not he pick her call. He says network issue and asks what is the issue. Preet asks where was he after calling her home. He says he was busy. Shergill says his wife should know where he was. He says he was arranging a surprise for family and booked a dinner at a hotel and says Shergill that he can enquire at a hotel if he went there or not. Shergill stands in a shock. Sid thanks Ishan and says he always surprises family. Ishan says let us have dinner as he is very hungry. Whole family walks towards dining table. Ishan tells Shergill he wants to spend time with his family now and cannot entertain him. Shergill says he will come some other day. He watches Ishan walking normally.

Ishan gets into room and writhes in pain. He removes his shoes with blood running down his feet. He leans on bed. Preet comes with food. He hides foot. She asks if he had lunch. He says yes and says he is hungry though and munches sandwitches. She asks if he is angry on her still for slapping Naina and says she apologized already. He says he is not.

Shergill tells his assistat that Ishan escaped today somehow and even convinced family with fake surprise. Assistant gives him watch and pendrive found in Atif’s house. Shergill reminisces Ishan wearing that watch usually and not wearing it when he came home tonight and says he got him now.

Ishan bandages his posterior foot bullet wound (bullet was shot behind knee though). Preet comes and knocks door. He hurriedly throws blood stained cotton and corrects bed. Preet brings duplicate key and opens door. Ishan stands in front of door. She asks what was he doing closing door. He says he was in bathroom with tap on. She enters and asks what is on. He gets tensed seeing blood stained cotton. She picks sandwitch plate instead and does not notice cotton. He relaxes and hides cotton in his pocket. She asks if he is still angry over Naina’s issue. He says he is not and she is forcing him to lie. He sleeps on bed. She checks his forehead and says he is having high fever.

Kavya comes and insists him to tell story. Preet asks her go back as papa is unwell. Kavya insists and Ishan says he will. Kavya asks if he will carry her to her room. He nods yes and carries her with great difficulty and then tells story. Blood starts oozing from his wound. He tries to leave. Kavya sees blood and shouts papa blood, mama mama. Ishan gets tensed.

Precap: Ishan at midnight takes food from kitchen, turns to see Preet standing behind him and asks what is she doing. She says catching him stealing food.

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