Pyaare Afzal – Episode 1 – June 17, 2015 Full Episode

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 Afzal performs good to get the utmost share of cash and allows his crew to attain victory in a very cricket match. Afzal shares some amount of cash along with his sister. In the meantime, Mehtaab’s family concerns Farah’s place to come to a decision the date of marriage. Lubna trains Mehtaab as to how you can behave before Farah, whom he is going to marry soon. Nevertheless, Mehtaab would not act exactly the same and tells Farah that he won’t have to have to operate given that he has acquired loads of financial institution balance. Will Farah get married into a one that is totally unique from him? Figure out in this article.
Pyaare Afzal is a beautiful love story, woven close to two strikingly different people of Afzal and Farah. The two in no way confess their feelings to each other, but they share a lovely chemistry which happens to be unexplainable. AFZAL is harmless, witty, irresponsible and notorious man, who gambles to receive his earnings. Conversely, Farah is often a self-confident, go-getter and cost-free spirited girl, that’s born that has a silver spoon. Farah wants to pursue greater studies in London but is entangled from the social norms of relationship. Afzal utilizes letters as his canvas to paint diverse feelings of affection, affection and admiration for the lady he loves deeply. He utilizes the strength of terms to mend his discomfort and also to win the girl of his dreams. However, Afzal keeps these letters a key, and embarks with a journey of his pure really like. Issues do not remain the same any time a conflict occurs in between the people of Farah and Afzal, and Afzal is pressured to leave his home. Afzal’s globe is shattered when his hidden letters are subjected to everyone, even the woman of his dreams. Will the power of terms soften Farah’s coronary heart? Will Farah far too confess her appreciate for Afzal?


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