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Piya Rangrezz 9th October 2015 Written Update

Piya Rangrezz watch online

Chanda asks Sher to let her go. Sher says why should he and asks who is she, since she came in here, this child drama has started. She must have already married and have a child and child has come here searching here. Chanda says she does not know anything. Sher says thief will not tell he theft. He knows everyone in this house except her as amma brought her in and if she hides anything, she will repent. Chanda says she does not know anything. Sher takes gun from his cupboard. She gets afraid seeing gun and starts crying.

Shraddha thinks Sher is forcing himself on Chanda and knocks door. Sher opens door and asks what is she doing here. Shaddha asks what is he doing. He says he is with his would be wife and who is she to object. Chanda says Sher thinks child is behind child’s drama. Shraddha says she wants to change Sher’s new behavior. Sher says she changed him. Shraddha enters and says Chanda is very afraid and he should spare her as she may not be involved with child drama. She says she is so much worried about her sautan, if women like her live here, it will be heaven and asks her to take chanda from here. He says if he finds later that Chanda is culprit, he will punish Shraddha instead as she is talking Chanda’s responsibility. Shraddha says she will as Chanda is innocent and takes Chanda from there. Sher thinks Shraddha is worried for others not him and delivers emotional dialogues…

Shraddha takes Chanda to her room and asks her not to worry. Chanda says Sher does not want to marry her as he loves Shraddha and asks Shraddha why she wants to get away from sher. Shraddha says it is her fate and Sher is worried about his family, so he doubted Chanda, else he is a very good person. She then goes to bring water and reminisces Chanda’s words that Sher still loves Shraddha. Sher sees Shraddha going towards kitchen and watches her from balcony. Shraddha looks around and gets into kitchen. Sher comes to kitchen. Shraddha gets afraid seeing a shadow and hugs Sher. Sher also gets emotional feeling her hug. Servant peeps from window and says he was working near window. Sher asks him to continue his work. Shradha asks why did he come here. He says he was worried for here and came to see if she will harm that child.

Sher and Shraddha see Chanda going for walks suspiciously in the direction of Bhavri’s room. Sher says her sister is strolling freely. Shraddha suggests why is she going towards ammaji’s area. Sher states he told her, Chanda is behind this kid drama. Shraddha says chanda simply cannot do everything. They listen to Bhavri shouting and Sher runs towards Bhavi’s home and sees Chanda strangulating Chanda. He runs and strangulates Chanda and asks how dare she’s to eliminate his amma and Sumer. Bhavri asks to go away Chanda as she saved her life. Shraddha asks what happened. Chanda says she saw little one likely towards Bhavri’s home and he or she didn’t connect with any one thinking about catching him and when she entered Bhavri’s home she noticed admirer falling on Bhavri, so she ran and saved Bhavri.

Bhavri many thanks Chanda for saving her existence. Sher asks the place did the kid go. Chanda states she didn’t see kid when she entered. Mama gets afraid. Sher asks Bhavri when her room’s AC is on, she keeps admirer and place shut, then why is window open up. He asks Sumer to shut all doorways. Bhavri suggests she is ok. Sher asks Vikas to acquire some ice and claims he will find out that is behind this child drama. Bhavri seems to be at Shraddha holding chanda and smirks.

Precap: Mama yells at Shraddha that she’s not Sher’s wife and tries to strike her when Sher retains Mama’s hand.

Written Update By Sahir


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