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Piya Rangrezz 8th October 2015 Written Update

Sumer brings items ordered by Bhavri. Bhavri gives godown keys and asks him to keep them in godown. He leaves. Bhavri tells Sher that she has called cook and he will cook the way he likes. Shraddha tries to leave. Bhavri stops her and says her lalla likes her cooked food, so she should stay and serve her ex-husband.

Sumer shouts Sher and Bhavri’s name and asks them to come into godown. They all run in to godown and see saris torn and and jewelries broken. Bhavri scolds Vikas that he went into godown last. Vikas says Shraddha went last. Bhavri starts yelling at Shraddha. Shraddha says she did not do anything. They all hear a child crying. Sher says he will find out this child today. Shraddha asks him not to go as it is risky. Sher starts yelling at her that Chanda should be worried and not her, etc.. He then goes out and shouts who is it. He asks Shraddha to go, else she will panic seeing a ghost. Boy drops vase on Sher, but Shraddha sees that on time and save Sher. Sher is shocked to see that and looks boy standing up in balcony.

Sher runs into home, tells amma that boy is on terrace and runs up. Bhavri scolds others to go behind Sher. Bhavri tells boy tried to kill Sher with vase, but she saw it on time and saved him. sher reaches terrace and searches boy. He calls amma and bhavri runs. He shows her ABCDE written on wall and shouts he is eager to learn ABCD, once he is caught, he will be taught a nice lesson. He shouts at Vikas and Sumer to go and check. Vikas starts checking.

Mama asks Bhavri never to stress and reminds that somebody favored producing ABCD on wall. Aditya hears that and asks who’s it. Bhavri claims no-one. Sher will come back. Bhavri asks Anyone to go down though she switches off mild and are available down. She reminisces scolding a boy in her youth for spoiling wall. Mama phone calls her and she leaves switching off light-weight.

All people start off watching Sher. Sher asks why are they staring him. Shraddha states youngster is not but caught and will assault him again. Sher goes in close proximity to chanda and states he knows she’s apprehensive for him, but should not as Shraddha’s bullet couldn’t harm him, then how will a boy and asks everyone to disperse and proceed their function. Chanda attempts to go away, but he retains her hand and asks to accompany him to his room. Bhavri smirks looking at shraddha acquiring jealous. Chanda will get anxious. He asks her to not as she is holding her everyday living companion’s hand and he is going to be her lifetime partner immediately after 14 times. He suggests his amma is incredibly joyful that her lalla is beginning his new everyday living early, he appears at Shraddha and usually takes Chanda with him. Shraddha sadly watches him going in direction of room.

Sher then receives Chanda into space and locks it. Chanda pleads to let her go. He asks why must he. Shraddha begins staring his place door and reminisces Sher and her intimate moments in home. She then walks in the direction of space. Chanda gets quite nervous viewing Sher coming to him and attempts to leave, but he stops her.

Bhavri shouts at mama to go and satisfy Aditya now. He says aditya’s ears are so powerful, he hears even whispers. Bhavri suggests now Aditya will use this issue in his favor and harrass her for extra money.

Chanda continues pleading Sher to go away her. He asks why should he. Shraddha hears their discussion standing around doorway.
Precap: Sher takes his gun and factors at Chanda and she or he begins crying.

Written Update By Sahir


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