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Piya Rangrezz 7th October 2015 Written Update

Piya Rangrezz watch online

Bhavri tensely looks at child’s pic. Mama says whatever happening is not good. Aditya enters and she hides pic. He says he wants her to arrange his property papers and money. Bhavri asks if he is afraid of that small child and his conmanship vanished, she will find out who is playing with her. He says it is a serious issue and is surprised who is behind it. She says even he may be involved as he is a conman. He says he does not want to get into all these problems and wants to get out from here soon. Mama says chote jiju is telling right and says 20 years ago.. Bhavri signals him to stop. Aditya asks what happened 20 years ago. Mama says 20 years ago, river ganga got a flood and he swam in it. Bhavri asks Aditya to leave now. He says he is sure she must have done this and will pay for this. Once he leaves, she scold mama and says she will have to find out what happened yesterday night.

Sumer stands near fuse board and thinks he was standing here and some child attacked him. Mama comes and holds his shoulder from behind. He gets afraid. Mama asks what is he doing near fuse. Sumer says he is not lying, a child hit him and he was very powerful like a wrestler. Mama asks if he will identify that boy if he shows pics. Sumer says he cannot say for sure as it was dark.

Vikas holds mama’s shoudler from behind. Mama scolds him that he frightens him like a ghost. Vikas asks him to act like a man and asks what is happening. Mama scolds. Aditya comes and says mama that he should tell his jiji that he will not involve in her drama and wants to leave ASAP.

Sher sees Chanda leaving silently, stops her and asks why is she looking so tensed and asks her to take a deep breath. She does same. He says he did not get tea since morning and asks if assam’s tea plants dried. She says she will get right now. He says servants are therefor that and she should relax. Sunehri and Gajra come and say they will bring. He says their tea is not that tasteful and asks Shraddha to prepare tea.

Two sari and jewelry vendors come and say even they will have tea. Shraddha greets them and asks them to sit. Bhavri says they sensed about function and came here. Vendor says he brought best zari saris and want choti thakurayan to watch them. Bhavri says it is a marriage hre and Chanda is bride now. Chanda greets them and they are shocked. Vikas asks Sunehri to select some jewelry for her. She fumes. Shraddha tries to leave. Bhavri stops her and asks her to see what all she is buying for her younger sister. She dorns pink sari on Chanda and then necklace and says they both are not good. She then tries different jewelries and saris and keeps most of them. He tells vendors to keep everything, she will keep previous ones for Chanda and cheap ones for servants, pointing at Shraddha.

She tells Shraddha if she might have been silent like chanda, she would’ve relished just like a queen. She asks seller to provide affordable sari and throws it on Shraddha. Shraddha silently picks it. Bhavri claims by the time relationship transpires, she might have been divorced and her really worth would be of this sari, so she will show up at relationship sporting this sari. She states she is right, bride is definitely the a person her groom likes. Chanda smiles. He picks one sari and dors on Chanda. Shraddha reminisces Sher offering her a sari. Sher tells Chanda This is a Exclusive sari and he or she should really use it on Exclusive situation and offers her even necklace. Shraddha silently watches his drama.

Seller starts praising Sher. Bhavri claims her lalla has greatest style, but he produced a oversight the moment. Sher suggests he will never repeat slip-up once again. Bhavri asks Shraddha to help keep many of the products in godown and return her keys. Shraddha seems to be at chanda and Chanda retains saris and jewellery among the Many others.

At night, Vikas tells Sher that he has organized almost everything for marriage and tomorrow contractor, decorator, etcetera.. will occur here and clearly show their designs. Sher asks him to take into account that He’s marrying chanda and desires to really make it a lavish affair making sure that he can fail to remember his final marriage. Shraddha sadly stares at him.
Precap: Bhavri claims a youngster made an effort to kill Sher. Bhavri states if he arrives in front of her, she’ll blow his head. Sher shouts ammaa..

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