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Piya Rangrezz 7th December 2015 Written Update

Sher orders his men to go and guard house and find Chanda. Shraddha says Sher that she is read to meet Chanda at Azamgarh bypass. He asks if she is mad, Chanda will kill her. Shraddha says this is the only way to save ammaji.. When Chanda can push him from cliff, she can do anything to ammaji. He says it is enough now and locks her in room and says he cannot lose and child again.

Chanda goes back to godown and tells Bhavri that she brought her food and clothes. Bhavri asks to stop her drama and free her now. Chanda says if she frees her, she will elope from here. Bhavri asks how will she change her clothes. Chanda throws keys in front of her, points gun and says says if she tries to elope, she will shoot her. Bhavri unlocks herself and tries to leave with clothes. Chanda asks to change in front of her. Bhavri shouts if she has gone mad. Chanda says if she forgot how she forced Shraddha to remove her clothes in front of her and says if she does not obey her, she will kill her now. Bhavri places curtain and asks her to stand away from her.

Sher goes to home temple and addresses that if something happens to his amma, he will kill everyone in Azamgarh. He has 15 min to meet chanda with Shraddha and he gives that to god to think if he wants Azamgarh people saved or will save his amma.

Bhavri comes out after changing her dress. Chanda says she is looking beautiful and asks to tie her back. Bhavri acts as tying herself. Chanda turns to serve food when Bhavri slaps her and strangulates her necking shout she will kill her today. Chanda says thakur saheb came to divert Bhavri’s attention and bhavri turns. Chanda trusts Bhavri’s head on wall and then hits her with road. Bhavri falls down unconscious.

Sher goes to Shraddha’s room and does not find her. Shraddha silently walks out from window and locks main door from outside. Sher sees door closing and knocks it. Shraddha says sorry and says she has to save ammaji at any cost as she is in danger because of her. She gives her promise and asks not to stop her and leaves in a car while Sher still calls her to open door. Sher breaks door open and runs and mama asks Vikas to get car. Sher leaves in jeep towards Azamgarh bypass.

Shraddha reaches Azamgarh bypass 3 and thanks god that she reached 3 min before Chanda’s given time. Chanda comes in front of her and asks if she playing with her. Shraddha says if she had to, then she would have been roaming around and asks where is ammaji. Chanda says come with her and takes her along. Sher reaches bypass and sees only car there. He shouts Shraddhaji…A car passes by in which Chanda forces driver to leave on gun point. Sher does not notice her and continues shouting Shraddhaji.

Chanda takes Shradha to godown and pushes Shraddha. Shraddha falls on Bhavri’s feet. Bhavri shouts why did she push Shraddha. Chanda says why is she infatuated with Shaddha’s child, she will give her grandson instead. Chanda picks gun and after a bit of drama says she will shoot Shraddha’s stomach now as she is the problem here. Thakur saheb will love her anyways if she gets pregnant with his child.

Precap: Bhavri shouts at Chanda to shoot her first as she does everything loyally. Chanda says bullet is not loyal though and can shoot anyone.

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