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Piya Rangrezz 6th October 2015 Written Update

Sumer wakes up. Bhavri asks what happened. He stammers. Sher asks if he lost his memory. Bhavri asks if he saw ghost. She asks him to speak, else he will hit him. Sumer says a kid hit him. Sher laughs and says he thought he would send him with Shraddha to live with masterji, but small kids are hitting him. Sumer says he is telling truth and that boy was very strong. He went to check and was in front of fuse board when someone hit him and he fell and saw a child around there. Everyone are surprised to hear that. Sumer continues that kid was very horrible with big eyes and he is not lying. Mama gets afraid. Lights come back. Mama shouts. Sher says we will hear his nonsense, but outsiders will not. Shraddha asks why will Sumer lie. Sher shouts that she is habituated to Sumer’s nonsense and asks Chanda if she will also confront him and asks if he is right or her jiji. She says he is. Shraddha says why will Sumer lie and they should take his words seriously. Sher says he will get whole house searched and asks servant to close all doors.

Bhavri and whole family waits in law under mantap. Chanda gives her water and she blesses Chanda. Vikas comes running and says they did not see any child. Mama also says same. Sher asks shradha what happened to Sumer’s drama and asks her to explain him, else he will not spare him. He got electric shock and is lying, look at munna mama he is so afraid.

Bhavri says if the drama is over, they should start rituals and Shraddha if she is afraid of child or this ritual and asks pandit to start pooja. Sher and Chanda sit for pooja. Bhavri asks Shraddha to come and perform ritual. Shraddha reminisces Bhavri’s words that she is manhus, etc.. Bhavri shouts to come now. Shradda performs Sher and Chanda’s aarti and performs while performing Sher’s tilak he stops her and asks her to do with shraddha and smile, else not do it. She forcefully smilesand does his tilak. Pandit says pariksha ritual is finished now. Shraddha leaves.

Shraddha in her room cries reminiscing Sher’s bitter words. Hamari adhuri kahani…music..performs from the track record. Sher comes and retains her shoulder. She wipes her tears and receives up. He asks why did she wipe her delighted tears and asks if Those people are content or jealousy tears. She stands silently. He asks to talk out as he is performing what she preferred, he goes faraway from her lifestyle. He’ll torture her for an additional fourteen days and she or he shouldn’t waste her tears now by itself. He proceeds yelling,then wipes her tears and leaves. Bhavri peeps from window and smirks. Sunehri delivers tears. Sher asks her to feed Shraddha effectively and replenish her tears. Sunehri locks door and comes in the vicinity of Shraddha. Shraddha cries vigorously hugging her.

Sunehri asks Shraddha why is she performing this. Shraddha states she is aware of she is not doing ideal with Sher, but she is helpless and underneath ammaji’s tension. She can’t possibility Sher’s lifetime and when she tells truth, Ammaji will kill Sher. She will be able to stay clear of Sher and anything comes about to him, she will not be capable to forgive herself. She realized that she are Sher are certainly not designed for one another and love is don’t just about achieve. Sunehri asks if she truly will go clear of Sher. Shradha says her romantic relationship will sher won’t split even following her Loss of life and some papers cannot break their marriage, she cannot see even a scratch on Sher.
Precap: Sher asks Shraddha to dorn Sari on Chanda and tells Chanda this is a Unique sari and she should really wear it on special event.

Written Update By Sahir


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