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Piya Rangrezz 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhavri tells Shraddha that her exam time has appear. She reveals gun to her and says her prey is ready. Shraddha hesitates to hold gun. Bhavri asks if she would like Sher to receive on The trail of real truth, she must shoot now. She revealed a person on ground and asks to shoot. Shraddha gets concerned and calls Sher. Bhavri forcefully tends to make her shoot. Shraddha wakes up from rest and realizes it had been her bad aspiration.

Aditya selects his apparel to fulfill Bhavri. Bhavri enters and asks if he isn’t but ready. He states he is confused to dress in black or white. She thinks he is getting ready for his very last breath and selects him a shirt. He many thanks her. She claims she’ll go away now and asks to achieve by ten p.m. Aditya suggests he might be punctually.

Shraddha attempts Sher’s quantity, but It’s not necessarily reachable. Sumer arrives and he or she states she’s very much frightened. He asks her not to worry as He’ll increase phony bullets in gun and she or he need to just tell that she skipped her intention. Bhavri enters and asks Exactly what are they performing as opposed to serving food items. Gajra who is also there claims she is going to serve food items at the moment. Bhavri asks if gun-laden bahuriya will give her foodstuff or not. Gajra runs in direction of kitchen area and bhavri follows. Shraddha asks sumer to carry faux bullet shortly.

Sumer receives her bullets and asks her to get into Bhavri’s place and alter them with actual bullets. Shraddha claims ammaji continues to be in area, how will she adjust. Mama arrives and asks him to accompany him. Sumer says He’s a tiny bit active right here, so he should really have a servant. Mama asks him to prevent giving excuses and abide by him. Sumer says He’ll drink water and come and asks Shradha to offer him h2o. Whilst ingesting drinking water, he areas bogus bullets on tray and leaves with mama.

Shraddha sees bhavri continue to in her space. Bhavri appears at Sher’s pic in her cellular and claims he needs to be contemplating his amma is chudail, but she needs to do turn out to be chudail for his sake. She needs to sacrifice her expensive just one now for laundiya/shraddha. She then goes into lavatory. shraddha enters and picks gun from Bhavri’s cupboard. She reminisces Bhavri instructing her how to remove journal and cargo bullets and masses faux bullets in. She hears Bhavri popping out of bathroom and although managing drops bhavri’s cell, then keeps it on table as an alternative to mattress and leaves. Bhavri arrives out and receives suspicious seeing her mobile on table.

Shraddha serves pakoras to mama and he asks where is chutney. Gajra gets him chutney. Bhavri enters and gives gun to Shraddha. Sumer says He’ll accompany Shraddha. Bhavri says she is going with her and desires to see how Shraddha shoots and takes Shraddha with her.

Sumer eagerly waits at your home. Gajra presents him bullets and claims she identified them outdoors Bhavri’s room. He realizes that they are fake bullets which he gave to Shradha and somebody improved them with genuine ones. He calls Shraddha, but Bhavri asks her not to pick phone and switch it off. Sumer suggests bhabhiji’s mobile phone is switched off, so he needs to get to the spot quickly.

Bhavri will take Shraddha to kali ghati and asks driver to hide vehicle as she will not want individuals to realize that she is here. She tells Shraddha that she should get habituated to it. She fixes silencer on gun and fingers over it to Shraddha. Shraddha reminisces Sumer telling prey will operate hearing faux bullet sound. Aditya reaches location happily to meet Bhavri. Bhavri hides at the rear of bushes with Shraddha and asks her to shoot once her prey arises from reverse side. Aditya enters.

Precap: Bhavri forces Shraddha to shoot Aditya, but bullet hits Sher and he falls on ground. Shraddha is shocked to see that and runs towards Sher.

Written Update By Sahir


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