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Piya Rangrezz 4th December 2015 Written Update

Piya Rangrezz watch online

Chanda moves Sher’s wheelchair and runs after pushing him. Mama, Vikas and Sumer rush for his help. Sher gets up and says Chanda purposefully pushed him from a shallow distance and they should go and find Chanda. Everyone start searaching Chanda. Chanda hides behind tree and hits one of Sher’s man with a stone. Man falls down unscious after a loud shout. They all run to the spot and again start searching Chanda. Chanda goes behind another man to hit with stone, but he gets conscious and turns back. She attacks him from behind with rope and then hits his head repeatedly on tree. Man falls down unconscious.

Sher continues searching Chanda and asks Vikas and Sumer to go and search where is Amma. Vikas gives his gun to him and leaves. Chanda comes in front of Sher, hugs him tightly and asks why did he play a prank with her, she was very worried. He says he is worried for her and asks where is amma. She says once Shraddha dies, he will love her. He says she is not even worth his hate and just wants to know where is amma. She says if he does not love her, then he should shoot her. He says he will love her if he tells where is his amma. She says she will not tell and tries to leave. He points gun at her. She says he betrayed her by pointing gun at her. Sher says he will free her if she tells where amma is. She says he is very selfish and will leave her if she tells where is amma.

She tries to run. Mama comes ands shoots her arm. Sher asks why did she shoot her. Mama says he shot her arm and she will not die. During their conversation, Chanda escapes. Mama shouts he should have shot her leg.

Bhavri tries to free her leg from steel chain unsuccessfully. Chanda comes murmuring that thakur saheb shot her even after she loves him so much. Bhavri asks what is she murmuring. Chanda says Sher played a big drama of his death to catch her. Bhavri gets happy and says she knew her son is alive. Chanda says when she loves him so much, then why did he shoot her. Bhavri shouts to lower her voice and says she betrayed them all. Sher can do anything to save her and Chanda cannot imagine in her dream what will Sher do now. Chanda says she is right, thakur saheb can do anything for her and smirks. Bhavri gets tensed.

Sher goes back home with Sumer, Vikas, and Mama and scolds mama why did he shoot her, he is worried that she will vent her anger on amma. Shraddha consoles him that amma will be back soon. Sher gets call from Bhavri’s mobile. Inspector tracks location on laptop. Sher picks call and asks where are you amma. Chanda speaks and says her phone was not connecting, so she called from amma’s phone. Inspector asks Sher to speak for 40 seconds to find her location. Sher asks if her hand is paining and asks where is amma. She says he is worried about amma than her. Sher says when they are not related, why should he be concerned for her. Chanda says they are related for 7 lives, but he betrayed her and acted as dead. He asks her to stop her drama and tell where is his amma. She says he will get her amma in a return. He asks howmuch money she needs and where. She says she needs Shraddha. Inspector says another 2 min. Chanda says he has to bring Shraddha near highway in an hour and if he tries to be oversmart, she will kill amma. She disconnects call.

Inspector says this address is of his house. Everyone are shocked and mama asks how can this happen. Sher asks Sumer who was guarding gate and asks everyone to search her.

Chanda is seen walking out of main gate. Mama, Vikas, Sumer search whole house. Sher sees main gate open and runs towards it. He gets Chanda’s call again who says he should not think of searching her at home as she knows police is tracing her location at home. She came home to exchange her blood stained clothes and even got ammaji’s clothes, she is taking care of ammaji so well, but he does not care at all. He should come near highway in 55 min and disconnects call. Mama comes and says he searched whole house, Chanda escaped again. Sher kicks door in anger.

Precap: Shraddha says she is ready to meet Chanda at Azamgarh bypass. Sher locks Shraddha in a room . He comes back and sees Shraddha missing fom room.

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