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Piya Rangrezz 3rd December 2015 Written Update

Shraddha sees Sher’s dead body and starts crying vigorously. She asks him to wake up. Mama says he will not wake up again. Sumer requests reporters to leave them alone at least in this situation and go now. Mama looks at live camera and addresses Chanda that he will find her and punish for her heinous act. Sumer sends all reporters and police and locks door. Shraddha faints. Sher gets up and holds her.

Chanda walks on road and sees Sher in front of her and hugs him. Sher says until she is there, nothing can happen to him. She asks why did he act as dying. He says to get away from Shraddha so that they both can live happily. Chanda says they will leave far away with ammaji and ammaji will take care of their child well. She will take him to ammaji now. It is just her imagination and she walks towards godown.

Shraddha slaps Sher and says if he ever tries this drama again, she will kill him. Sher says if he had not made this drama, Chanda would not have come in open. He saw her once outside, but stopped to know where she kept Bhavri. She harmed chuttan and may harm ammaji. He asks mamaji what would Chanda do seeing him dead. Mama asks what if she had attacked him. Sher says she will not attack him and he can give his life to save amma. He needs their help now to save amma and extends hands. Everyone keep their hands on him. Sher tells Shraddha that nothing will happen to him and tells Sumer to ask his men to guard outside house and not catch Chanda when she comes here. He also should spread news about his death in whole village.

Chanda goes back to godown and tells Bhavri that thakur saheb has come with her and she told nothing happened to him. Bhavri sees no one and says she is talking in air. Chanda says she is not mad. Bhavri slaps her and asks her to free her. Chanda says again nothing happened to thakur saheb and calls landline. Mama picks call and says Sher it is her. He asks why did she kill Sher and where is jiji. She says she did not kill thakur saheb and loves him a lot. He asks if she needs money, he will bring it, but she should free jiji. She says he can take ammaji. He asks where she has kept jiji. She says she will not tell, else he will take both ammaji and thakur saheb. Mama says she killed Sher. She says she did not kill thakur saheb and will revive him.

Mama says he will not snatch bhanjaji from her, she can take bhanjaji and return jiji. She says she will meet him in 1 hour where thakur saheb was shot. He should leave thakur saheb there and take ammaji and if tried to be smart, she will kill ammaji. Mama agrees and disconnects call. He informs sher that she is coming to the same spot. He asks to gather all his men there and catch her when she brings amma. Mama says she may harm her. He says she will not. Chanda tells Bhavri that she will bring back thakur saheb and leaves.

Sher sits on wheel chari wearing kafan/white clothes while all his men hide under bushes. Mama orders men to attack Chanda once she brings jiji and not attack until they see jiji. Chanda comes running and hugs Sher and asks to open eyes. Sher opens eyes and searches Bhavri and closes eyes back. Chanda continues that she will revive him for her and she will be his servant her whole life. She then gets conscious and stands up. Sher opens eyes and gets up. All his men surround her, but she tries to run and gets shot by men. Sher asks how dare she is to kidnap his amma. She says she did for him as she loves him. He stabs her with knife. She realizes it is her imagination and moves with Sher’s wheelchair. She realizes Sher men around.

Precap: Sher points gun at Chanda and asks to tell where is amma. She says she will if he says he loves her. He says she is not worth even his hate.

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