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Piya Rangrezz 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sher gets indignant checking out Bhavri and Aditya’s relationship pics and calls Aditya. Shraddha attempts to end him. Aditya arrives out. Sher starts off beating him and asks how dare he is to eye on his amma. Bhavri interferes and asks why is he beating visitor. Sher pushes her apart and factors gun on Aditya. Shraddha stops him. Bhavri asks if he has absent mad. He states Aditya and he or she have long gone mad. He throws relationship pics and asks exactly what is this. Bhavri asks who took these pictures. Shraddha suggests Sher got a courier. Bhavri thinks Shraddha performed recreation and despatched a person to spy on him. Sher asks her to burn off pictures and throw aditya out, else He’ll destroy him. Aditya attempts to speak. Sher throws him on swinger and claims he brainwashed amma along with his buttery talks and provoked her to marry him. Shraddha says if her dad experienced married a younger Woman, really should he have reacted such as this. Even amma has right to Stay her lifetime. Sher states they reside in a Culture and he is not going to tolerate it, if any one opposes it, he won’t spare them.

Mama enters with newspaper and reveals entrance page news about Bhavri and Aditya’s marriage. He asks Bhavri why did she make this happen, folks are laughing on them and asked how is his new jija. She should have assumed a hundred instances in advance of doing this and curses god might have killed him before seeing this. Sher angrily leaves from there. Bhavri tears information paper thinking about Shradda and walks out. Maama suggests tearing one newpaper is not going to do everything as full environment is familiar with about her marriage.

Bhavri’s rival calls her and taunts that she trapped a youthful gentleman at t his age. she asks to keep mobile phone as she’s fast paced. He suggests she have to be occupied naturally now and laughs. She disconnects and begins drinking Alcoholic beverages. mama enters. She claims she drank english Liquor previous night time and bought inebriated. Aditya loves her and it is driving her often. Mama claims if she might have advised in advance of, he might have guarded her always. Now, Shraddha is benefited more. Bhavri claims she knows, shradda will attempt to tug Sher on loyal route all over again. mama states we must do a little something shortly.

Sher fumes in his place and claims Shraddha he simply cannot Enable this come about. She asks him to think about his amma’s happiness.

Bhavri tells Aditya which they did Erroneous final evening. She needs them to go down and tell somebody sent fake pictures. He claims they did marry and she or he must not insult their relationship. This marriage indicates a whole lot and he or she is aware of how keen he was to acquire her, he waited till she acknowledged him and also took Sher’s beatings. Bhavri claims they canot unite and he must have hired someone to acquire their photos right after having her inebriated. He says he didn’t provoke her tried to quit her and instead she provoked him and forced him to marry her in inebriation. Even now if she hopes to blame him, he will accept it, but will not likely Permit anyone insult their marriage.

She suggests Shraddha that his amma can’t do anything at all, Aditya needs to have provoked her. Shraddha states he is simply supplying an justification to lessen his agony, but he simply cannot change the real truth. Sher repeats that aditya have to have provoked amma which has a motive, he will find it out. She asks how will he discover.

Reporters throng Bhavri’s dwelling and forcefully enter in. They question Aditya if he married bhavri and household realized with regards to their partnership. Mama tries to halt, However they proceed and talk to Bhavri how can she marry a boy fifty percent her age and of her son’s age. Aditya asks them to get out and throws their mic. Reporter asks how can he throw media mic. He states he married bhavri forcefully and she or he is not really associated with it. He pushes them away from residence.

Precap: Sher tells Bhavri that he accepts her relationship with aditya and will throw a celebration. She claims he doesn’t have to try this. He states he must legalize their relationship. Bhavri thinks she is not going to Allow Shraddha win in her plan.

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