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Piya Rangrezz 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

After killing Veer, Shamsher and Aradhya travel in car. Aradhya reminsces Shamsher applying sindhoor on her forehead. She also reminsces him taking her to brothel. He reminisces she worrying for his life and asking Veer to lower gun. Bhavri wait for them eagerly. They both reach home. She tells Shamsher that he disobeyed her and brought Aradhya home. He says he did for his family and people would have laughed on them that Veer easily kidnapped bhavri’s bahu and sacrificed her. He did it for family’s dignity. If Veer would have taken even dog, he would have brought it. Veer had challenged him that he will kidnap Aradhya and sacrifice her. Bhavri thinks laundiya has brainwashed Shamsher. She asks him to go and rest. He thanks her and leaves.

Bhavri then stops Aradhya/Laundiya and asks if she doesn not think she is crossing her limits. Aradhya asks what did she do. Bhavri says she thinks she and Shamsher will accept her, but even her shoes will not accept her. Shamsher told he would have brought back even dog. She is tolerating her as it was question of her dignity. Bhavri continues shouting and yelling that she comes back repeatedly to his house. Aradhya says Shamsher is her husband and his house is her house. Bhavri says she has not seen Shasmsher’s real face and once she sees it, she will run from here. Aradhya says she has realized Shamsher can go to any extent for his family, so he is not bad. He loves aji amma and aji amma is provoking him wrongly, so he took his wife to brothel. Bhavri shouts how dare she is to argue with her. Aradhya says her shouting will not stop her tell truth, she should stop pushing Shamsher on wrong path. Bhavri shouts with mere education she is giving gyaan, she is illeterate but is ruling this jungle raaj. Aradhya says she wants to show how wrong she is and what wrong upbringing she gave to Shamsher. Bhavri says she is afraid of Shamsher’s bravery, so she is barking. Aradhya says for the first time shamsher realized what is wrong and saved her life, he has goodness still alive in him. Bhavri gets jealous and shouts whatever is good and wrong for her is good and wrong for even Shamsher. Aradhya says today shamsher saw good and rejected her bad, she will change Shamsher. Bhavri shouts wil she. Aradhya says her dad took promise to accept shamsher and now she will change Shamsher where people will respect him and not get afraid.

Bhavri slaps her and shouts how dare she is. Aradhya says weak people use muscle power and she proved she is weak, she listens to only guns, then why did not she shot him and just slapped her. She should show how weak she is to get afraid of girl and shot her. People will laugh that aji amma got afraid of a girl and shot her. She is a coward tigress and can do wahtever she likes, but she will not accept defeat. Bhavri slaps and says she gives good speech. She has poined on her upbringing, so she challenges her to change Shamsher and if she does, she can stay here, else Shamsher will throw her out and make her feel hell.

Shamsher comes out of washroom after a bath and sees sindhoor on dressing table and reminisces Veer and Aradhya’s words. Arjun reminisces trying to convince Aradhya to start afresh and she alleging him for killing her dad. He thanks god that he did not kill Aradhya’s dad and now Aradhya will not hate him. He then reminisces Shamsher applying sindhoor on Aradhya’s forehead and stops. Shasmher reminisces Aradhya’s concern for her and Bhavri ordering not to worry about Aradhya and call back all his men. He then reminisces Aradya saving his life. He sees Aradhya coming. Aradhya thanks him for saving her life and says she will be always grateful to him. He yells whatever happened is because of him, she did not let him kill Veer long ago and wanted to prove her dad innocent. Aradhya says her dad was innocent and Veer accepted it. Shamsher shouts her dad was a culprit. Aradhya asks him to use his brain. He shouts to get out, else he will kick her out. She stands in a shock. He drags and pushes her out of room and locks it. Aradhya reminisces Bhavri’s challenge to change Shamsher, else he will kick her out. Arjun holds her hand and gets her up and says he needs to talk to her. She looks at him.

Precap: Arjun kneels down and says Aradhya that he cannot forget her. Shamsher and Bhavri watch them from distance.

Written Update by Sahir


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