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Piya Rangrezz 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Arjun beat Veer for kidnapping Aradhya. Shamsher asks Aradhya if she is fine. She says yes. Veer’s goons point guns on Shamsher. Veer beats Shamsher ruthlessly and asks goons to tie them both. Sadhu says it is time for sacrifice. Veer says Shamsher he will sacrifice his wife first and then he will tackle him. Shamsher says he will repent. Veer says shut up. He then asks Shamsher to get Aradhya ready with sari for sacrifice, else he will shoot him. Aradhya reminisces stopping Shamsher from shooting veer and thinks she is responsible for Shamsher’s condition.

Veer counts. Aradhya stops him and asks Shamsher to dorn sari on her. Shamsher dorns sari on her. Veer smirks. Arjun shouts to stop. Veer asks Shamsher to continue and then apply sindhoor on her head. He does same. Veer says it is time now and asks goons to tie Shamsher now. He continues that he can kill Aji amma’s tiger, but wants them to see Aradhya’s sacrifice. He then tells Arjun that he informed Aradhya that he killed Tilakraj. Arjun should why did not he inform this before. Veer laughs and then takes Aradhya for sacrifice. Arjun says he has to save Aradhya at any cost.

Veer sharpens knife and thinks he will become great after Aradhya’s sacrifice. Arjun throws broken alcohol bottle in front of Shamsher. Shamsher starts cutting rope with glass piece. Sadhu asks Veer to behead Aradhya now and fulfill his wish. Veer asks Aradhya to keep her head on wood plank and let him do his job. She pleads to leave him. He says she is lucky to be sacrificed. He throws her in front of wooden plank and keeps her head on it. He then raises knife to behead her when Sadhu stops her and says moon is hidden between clouds and they have to wait until clouds clear. Sadhu continues chanting mantras waitinf for clouds to clear.

Shamsher breaks his rope and then frees Arjun silently. Clouds clear. Sadhu asks Veer to sacrifice Aradhya before clouds cover moon. Arjun and Shamsher run to save Aradhya. Arjun fights with goon. Veer raises knife to behead Aradhya when Shamsher reaches and shoots his hand. Veer’s blood falls on wooden plank. Aradhya runs towards Shamsher and hugs him. They both fall down.Shamsher then shoots goons. Sadhus sand Veer run from there and hide.

Veer hiding behind bushes asks Sadhu not to worry, he will sacrifice Aradhya at any cost. Sadhu says his blood fell on wooden plank, so he will die. He should run from here as he will not win today. Veer runs. Shamsher follows him. Veer reaches cliff end. Shamsher shoots him and he falls down. Shamshe sees him falling in deep cliff and thinks he will not save after falling from here. Veer falls down, but escapes death. He murmurs he will not die until he takes his mother’s revenge. He will come back when Shamsher’s life is filled with happiness.

Precap: Aradhya tells Bhavri that Tilakraj took promise before dying to accept Shamsher as her husband, so she will stay in this house and change Shamsher for good. Bhavri challenges to try.

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