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Piya Rangrezz 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Aradhya enters Shamsher’s home. He shouts how dare she is to come to his home. She says he gave her right by marrying her. He asks if she has gone mad, he married her to destroy her and shouts to get out. She says he married her and should accept her. He asks again if she has gone mad. She says she does not care and she will be here at any cost. Shamsher shout what if aji amma knows she came here. She says now aji amma will do justice and accept her.

Munmun watches this with mama and praises him for his plan and says now Shamsher and Arjun will die and they will rule over Bhavri’s dynasty. Mama says credit goes to Aradhya as she came here even after her dad died and she is very brave.

Aradhya enters home and Shamsher walks behind to stop her. Aradhya then enters Bhavri’s room and touches her feet. Bhavri orders Shamsher to kick her out. Aradhya says Shamsher married her in front of whole world and it is her right to stay here. Bhavri says her dad shot bullets and she is doing drama here. Aradhya says she wants to forget everything and be her bahu. Bhavri says Shamsher that he gave good punishment and says Aradhya knows she will get protection only in this house, so she came here. Shamsher drags her. Mama stops him and asks Munmun to show bahu her room. Bhavri shouts what is he doing. Mama says he brought Aradhya here and tells about eve teasing incident and says if something happens to her, people will say Shamsher’s wife lost her dignity and badmouth that Bhavri could not protect her bahu and will dare to look at them. Shamsher shouts if he means to let laundiya/Aradhya here. Mama shouts when elders talk, youngsters should shut their mouth and tells Bhavri if there is dignity, there is life. Bhavri says Munna is right.

Munmun waits outside with Aradhya and once mama comes out asks if aji bua accepted Aradhya. Mama says yes. Munmun happily brings aarti thali. Aradhya says she is married due to enemity and does not need aarti. Mama says his blessings are with her and she should get arti done by her sister-in-law. Aradhya nods yes. Munmun performs aarti. Arjun comes and throws aarti and shouts why is she welcoming her enemy and tells Aradhya to forget everything. Aradhya asks if she should forget that the man whom she loved most killed her father and betrayed him. She is Shamsher’s wife now and he should not forget it. Arjun says it is just a drama and touches her. She shouts not to touch her and says Shamshe is much better than him, at least did not betray like her. Munmun and mama smirk. Munmun says Arjun that Aradhya is Shamsher’s wife now and he should remember she is his babhi and behave like one. Arjun leaves.

Munmun takes Aradhya to Shamsher’s room and goes to bring water. Shamsher comes and drags Aradhya out and warns not to enter again. Arjun watches it and goes back to room. Munna comes and takes Aradhya back in. Shamsher asks him to take her to some other room. Mama takes him aside and says he married Aradhya in front of whole world with pride and should his macho image and now he should not forget machoism. He says Aradhya will use less space than furniture and will serve him. Shamsher agrees and once mama leaves shouts at Aradhya again that she shamelessly came back here even after insult. Aradhya says a wife’s dignity is with her husband and she came to return his self-respect. She is thakur shamsher sing’s self-respect and many people are waiting outside to ruin it.

Veer again gets bipolar maniac disorder and acts as Chanda wearing sari blouse and make up. He also acts as him and says Bhavri is alive. In chanda’s voice, he says Bhavri is very dangerous now and should be killed at any cost. He calls Munna mama in Chanda’s voice and says she spared him, else Veer would have killed him and asks him to do what she says. Mama asks what to do. He asks to kill Bhavri, else he will die. Mama thinks who she must be. Veer then looks at Chanda’s doll.

Aradhya sleeps on floor crying and Shamsher looks at her.

Precap: Arjun tells Bhavri that Shamsher snatched his most precious thing Aradhya and either he or Shamsher will stay in this house.

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