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Piya Rangrezz 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Sher asks Bhavri to make his 2nd marriage a lavish affair with crackers and lightings, etc. Bhavri gets very happy. He asks Shraddha where are his first marriage dresses which he wore during rituals. She says they are in cupboard. He asks her to iron them nicely without a single wrinkle as he is emotionally attached to them and only she should iron it. Bhavri smirks and asks him to rest and not think much. Sher asks her to see Shraddha works properly and leaves.

Chanda apologizes Shraddha for coming in between her and Sher and calls her elder sister. Shraddha says she has to marry Sher. Chanda says she will elope from here by evening. Shraddha asks her not to do that and do what she says. She sadly says she and Sher are not made for each other and their ways are different now, asks chanda to not think much and start arragements for tonight’s function. She picks Sher’s kurta and goes to give him. Sher opens his room door and takes kurta from her. She tries to leave, but he stops her and asks if he will look nice in this kurta. She says it is made for him. He asks if Chanda will suit him. she sadly leaves. He stops her again and asks her to attend his marriage and participate in all functions smiling as she also wants him to remarry. She leaves finally.

Chanda with her cloth bundle leaves Bhavri’s haveli silently hiding from everyone and when she is about to get out of gate, Bhavri catches her. Chanda pleads that she does not want to stay here. Bhavri drads her by hair. Shraddha hears her voice and comes out, but doe snot see her. Bhavri throws chanda in godown. Vikas starts joking and says if she would have trained well new bhabhi, she would not have tried leaving haveli. Bhavri says chanda if she thought she would elope so easily and now she will now the consequence. Mama asks how did she know chanda was eloping. Bhavri says she was trying to become oversmart and dropped vase while leaving, she heard it and caught her on time. She says she was getting her married to her son, but she cannot digest ghee like dog. Shraddha enters and says it is not chanda’s mistake. Bhavri asks what is her new drama now. Shraddha says she told Chanda to elope from here. Mama tells Vikas this laundiya is making jiji dance to her tunes.

Bhavri holds Shraddha’s mouth and asks if she will steal her dreams. Chanda tries to end and calls Shraddha jiji. Bhavri shouts considering that when these associations began. Chanda states Shradda did not do anything at all, she wished to elope. Shraddha asks not to lie to save lots of her. Bhavri shouts adequate in their drama and claims Shraddha this relationship will transpire at any Expense and drags Shraddha to your home and tells Gajra and Sunehri Shraddha wishes to get Sher All set and nobody can help her. She asks Gajra and Sunehri to obtain Chanda All set. Sher watches every little thing from balcony. Bhavri frightens Chanda that she’s forgiving her first and final blunder and subsequent time if she would not obey her, she’ll peel her skin and hang her to doorway.

During the night, sangeet ceremony starts off. Vikas begins dancing with Alcoholic beverages bottle and drags Sunehri to dance, but she will not. Aditya usually takes Bhavri’s photos and shefumes. He then can take Sher and Shraddha’s pics. Bhavri asks Vikas to halt dancing and asks pandit to start rituals. Pandit asks to phone bride and groom. Bhavri asks Sunehri and Gajra to simply call Chanda and asks Vikas tocall Sher. Vikas claims he went to connect with Sher, but he shouted on him and kicked out, if he goes once more, he will strike him. Bhavri yells at him and goes to provide Sher. Chanda enters. Vikas touches her feet. Chanda seems to be at Shraddha.

Precap: Sher says Shraddha’s heart is very big and will perform Chanda’s rituals.

Written Update By Sahir


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