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Piya Rangrezz 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sher searches Shraddha’s ready dum aalo in catering place. He turns back again and sees Shraddha smiling at him holdin dumX aalo and rotis. He walks out shying.

Bhavri’s guests asks if she has not organized dance masti in her get together and her celebration is hunting like draught stricken. She signals and dancer ladies begin dancing on mehboob mere….track. Sher walks from there and bites dum aloo from Sumer’s plate. Sunehri displays him dum aloo bowl and offers it to Shraddha. Shraddha shies observing him and he also nervously walks from there.

Dancer Woman wearing mask carries on dancing. She serves Liquor to Every person besides Bhavri. Sher will come and sits next to Bhavri. Woman carries on to provide Alcoholic beverages to Absolutely everyone. Shraddha appears to be at her eyes and gets suspicious that she have to be Rani (which she is really). All visitors fall down one by one due to poison in Alcoholic beverages. Bhavri and household get tensed looking at so A lot of people on ground. Sher asks Sumer to lock doorway and make sure nobody enters in and asks to contact doc.

Shraddha reminisces lady (rani) serving Liquor and lookups her. She sees her heading into Sher’s rom and follows her. She sees her sitting on sofa and suggests she is aware of she served poisoned Liquor to Anyone and asks who’s she. Rani gets rid of mask and claims torture Rani isn’t going to forget about insulted and she or he took her revenge. She suggests she’s going to slap her in this type of way that she is going to experience the ache her full everyday living. She states she served poisoned Liquor, but law enforcement will catch residence operator, In cases like this Sher. Sher will visit jail his total lifestyle. She asks how was torture Rani’s, she will give Erroneous statement and will get Sher arrested. She would have specified poisoned Alcoholic beverages to Sher, but she loves him, so she spared him, now both Sher and Bhavri will go to jail. She will fulfill her guarantee designed to her companions and says she will demonstrate wherever her area is. She asks her to avoid wasting her partner by leaving him for her.

Shraddha says her demand is Mistaken. Rani suggests it can be, but she does not have any choice and will get a call in 1 evening. Shraddha gets tensed although Rani quickly walks away.

Doc checks patients and usually takes them to medical center through ambulance. Maama asks Bhavri not to worry, he will see out offender. Bhavri claims who’ll dare than Rani. Reporters throng in and check out to enter. Vikas stops them and Bhavri asks him to deliver him out. They forcefully enter and talk to Bhavri if she’s involved with All of this mishap. Sher retains gun on them and shoos them absent. Bhavri normally takes him in and claims this all mishap took place in her household and he or she is accountable. He says Rani did it and he is not going to spare her. She states it really is as a result of him that Rani took her revenge and all this is because of Shraddha. Shraddha receives anxious and walks from there. Bhavri shouts at Sher to stroll driving her and console her.

Bhavri tells Sher harmless will get punished and culprit simply walks away, so he need to Consider calmly. Sher gets Rani’s simply call who states she gave nice reply for his slap and produced his amma perpetrator. He claims he won’t spare her. She claims she is watching for him with outstretched fingers and asks if his spouse didn’t tell nearly anything. He asks what garbage she is discussing. She suggests she gave a deal to his wife, but she will not think his wife would like to save his amma. She tells a sher/snippet and laughs.

Precap: Sher asks Shraddha if Rani named her. She claims she talked to her directly and she or he instructed she desires to get him.

Written Update By Sahir

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