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Piya Rangrezz 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz watch online

Arjun orders cake and asks delivery boy to come soon. Delivery boy brings cake. Arjun checks and likes it and asks price. Delivery boy says 900 rs. Arjun pays 1000 rs and asks to keep change. Delivery boy thanks him and leaves. Veer comes and purposefully clashes with him and cake falls down. Veer apologizes. Arjun asks him to stop interfering in his life. Veer says he is misunderstanding him and says if Aradhya’s father would not have come with alliance, there would not have been misunderstandings. He will correct his mistake by ordering another cake. Arjun says okay and leaves. Veer then picks cake and murmurs if someone’s birthday cake is eaten before cutting, his age will lessen. This cake is of Aradhya and Arjun’s relationship cake more than birthday and may god break their relationship.

Manohar decorates Arjun’s cake and greets guests. Veer clicks guests’ pics. He gets MMS and looks at it. He smirks thinking his fixed camera in Aradhya’s room is working and he can see what will happen between Arjun and Aradhya. Shamsher come searching Arjun. Veer hides mobile. Shamsher asks whatis he hiding. Veer says nothing. Shamsher asks if he saw Arjun. Veer says must have gone out to meet someone. Shamsher asks who. Veer says he does not know.

Aradhya reqeusts Tilakraj to give her some to think about her marriage. He says he selected a best guy for her and gave her much time to think and now cannot give her time. She says but dad.. He says he selected a well-settled guy for her and can’t he take a decision for her. She says no but.. He says she is hiding something. She says she will clear her confusion and will need some time. He says she is not repenting for making her dad wait, it is her mom who spoilt her and went permanently to god. Aradhya cries that she is a burden for him and wants to get rid of her. Today is her birthday and he does not even rember. She walks from there while he calls her.

Aradhya comes to her room and sees birthday cake on table. Arjun comes from behind and wishes her happy birthday. She shockingly says he…Arjun locks door. She asks why did he come here and says she will leave. He holds her hand and then wipes her tears. Veer shows CCTV live footage to Shamsher and Samsher fumes seeing them together.

Aradhya requests Arjun to go. He says he came to celebrate her birthday as sh eis very special for him. She says he is doing so much for him, what if she does not reply regarding his proposal. He says he is just celebrating her birthday and not taking her to mantap for marriage. She smiles. He asks her to keep smiling. Shamsher after watching footage asks Veer not to inform aji amma about it. Veer assures. Once Shamsher leaves, Veer smirks looking at live footage.

Bhavri enters and greets her guests. Veer wishes her and asks if she is searching for Samsher and Arjun, Arjun is not here. Bhavri gets tensed but asks guests to continue enjoying. Mama asks to play music.

Arjun lights candles on cake and asks Aradhya to blow them and cut cake. Janam janam…song..plays from Dilwale movie. She cuts cake and feeds him. He continues saring at her. He also feeds her and then wipes her lips. He then dances with her. Shamsher enters and they both get tensed. He wishes her happy birthday and gives flying kiss. He then tells Arjun that Aji amma is waiting for him. Arjun looks at him angrily. Shamsher forcefully takes him from there. Aradhya looks at cake and smiles.

Munmun, Manohar and Anjali enjoy dancing on song..o bijuria…Bhavri smiles looking at them. Manohar gives her letter and says he found it outside. She asks him to read. He reads that she tried to reach her a lot, but could not, so she came herself to meet her and is waiting outside, to come soon before her blood becomes white. Bhavri angrily says it is Chanda, goes out and shouts at Chanda to come in front of her. Chanda comes in front, stands in dark, says she may have to hide for some more days but why is she hiding her face. Bhavri leaves her veil and reveals her half burnt face. Chanda laughs and says she set fire for her, but it burnt only her half face. Bhavri reminisces fire accident where Sher and Shraddha die. She will die this time for sure. Bhavri stands in a shock and sees Chanda vanishing.

Precap: Chanda tells Veer that Shamsher looks like his fater. Veer says that is why he hates Shamsher so much and he will kill Shamsher first.

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