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Piya Rangrezz 28th October 2015 Written Update

Bhavri tells Sher that Chanda will go with him. Sher takes Sumer aside and tells nothing should happen to Shraddha, else he will burn whole Bilawalpur. Sumer asks not to worry.

Bhavri asks Chanda if she is ready to travel with Sher. Chanda says yes. Bhavri says she managed till now, now it is her turn to lure Sher and continues her moral gyaan. Chanda silently hears that and says she will go and light lamp first. Bhavri says she has to become sherni with Sher, lamp will not help. She gives her bag and asks to go soon as Sher does not like waiting. Chanda leaves with Sher waving goodbye.

Bhavri then sees Shraddha weeping seeing Sher adn Chanda leaving and taunts her that she will have to shed her tears daily like this as Chanda and Sher will unite soon. Once her child his born, she has to leave Sher and child forever. Shraddha silently hears. Bhavri then shouts that Chanda is not her servant, so she should not order her anything and should light lamp herself.

Sher with Chanda reaches hotel room and sees room decoraated well with flowers. He throws flowers realizing it is Bhavri’s drama. He says he will book another room and tries to leave when she stops him and says she will wait until he normalizes and says he should stay in this room itself. He says he will bring some food. She holds his hand and then bag and gets in.

Sumer sees Shraddha walking towards temple and asks if she needs something. Shraddha says she is just going to pray god. He asks her to be careful. She walks into temple without seeing oil on floor, but does not step on it. She dorns garland on idol and starts aarti. Sumer gets call and says he will speak to him later, but then picks call and goes out. Shraddha slips on oil and falls down. Gajra and Sumer rush to her rescue and take her to room. Sumer then calls Sher and informs. Sher rushes home on his jeep. Chanda comes out from washroom and waits for Sher. Sher reaches home and rushes towards Shraddha’s room. Chanda calls Sher, but he leaves phone in jeep itself.

Sher takes Shraddha to clinic. Doc examines Shraddha and tells Sher that his child and wife are both safe. Sher says Shraddha’s child is his, but he is her ex-husband. Doc asks what?? He asks if child is fine. Doc says she did sonography and child is fine. Sher insists to watch sonography. Doc says wat will he understand. He says if she explains, he will. Doc shows her sonography report. Sher says screen is blur. Doc says screen is fine and this ball shaped creature is his baby. Sher says thakur Sher Singh’s baby cannot be so weak. Doc says 4-week-old child looks like this and asks him to take care of child well. Sumer asks if this is really his child. Doc says just now he told and asks him not to give any tension to Shraddha, else it will affect child adversely. Sher says he will do whatever she says.

Sher drives jeep slowly. Vehicles from behind honk horn. Shraddha asks to increase speed. Sher says doc told to be careful, so he cannot take a chance. He gets out of car and tries to scold car owner, but calms down seeing a child. Owner asks if he wants to travel in 10 km/hr speed, he can go on bullock cart. Sher says his child is yet to be born, so he cannot take chance. Lady says she can understand his wife’s problem. Sher says only child is his and runs from there.

Bhavri phone calls Gajra and asks wherever is Shraddha. Gajra suggests Shraddha has long gone to clinic with Sher and tells her what occurred. Bhavri shouts why did she call Sher and says Chanda need to have also absent. Gajra claims Chanda did not go. Bhavri fumes.

Sher provides Shraddha property and asks her to walk little by little. Bhavri fumes viewing him holding Shraddha’s hand.
Precap: Shraddha wakes up seeing Chanda Keeping her abdomen. Chanda angrily shouts that Sher was with Shraddha as an alternative to her, It appears Shraddha transformed her plan. Sher enters and he or she improvements her tone.

Written Update By Sahir


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