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Piya Rangrezz 26th May 2016 Written Update

Aradhya locks Shamsher in a room. He looks via window and asks what happened. She says lamp blew off while she was praying and it is a big abshagun, so she does not want to lose him. He says just for lamp, how can she lock her husband in a room. She says she loves him a lot. They both keep their hands on window glass and look at each other emotinoally.

Munna with Arjun and Munmun brings minister at gunpoint. Arjun goes to search Shamsher. Munna sends Munmun behind him and asks her to shoot both Shamsher and Arjun when they make any mistake. He drags minister down to hall and pushes him towards Bhavri and asks him to go home silently and if he tries to be oversmart, his wife and children will die. Ministers runs out. Bhavri starts confronting him. He says Arjun will kill Shamsher today. Bhavri asks if Arjun is here. He says Arjun will kill Shamsher and will go to jail. Bhavri tries to leave, but Munna holds gun on her.

Arjun walks searching Shamsher. Anjali stops him and says he should be ashamed to think of killing sibling. Arjun says Shamsher ruined his life. She continues explaining him. Munmun sees them and shoots Anjali’s hand. Arjun thinks he shot her and apologizes. Munmun comes and asks Arjun to go, she will take care of Anjali. Shamsher hears gun firing and asks Aradhya to open door. She says no..

Munna warns Bhavri not to move, else he will shoot. She asks if he will kill his sister and asks to shoot. Munna reminisces Bhavri degrading and insulting him always and loads gun. She snatches gun and says he made her work easier, now he will die. Munmun comes and tries to shoot, but Bhavri shoots her hand and asks Anjali to lock Munna and Munmun in a room. Munmun locks them in a room.

Aradhya unlocks door. Shamsher comes out and sees Arjun searching him, stops him and says he needs to talk. Arjun points gun and says he does not want to listen anything. Aradhya interferes and asks to shoot her first. Shamsher pushes her and bears Arjun’s bullet no hsi hand. Bhavri comes running and tries to explain Arjun, but he does not calm down. She shoots his back. He falls down. She runs and takes him on her lap. Shamsher runs and tells Arjun that aji amma loves them both. He says she loves him more, so she shot him, says he realized howmuch Aradhya and Shamsher love each other. He asks Anjali to bring Munna and Munmun and shows them Veer’s confession video. Munna apologizes Bhavri and Shamsher for misunderstanding them. Arjun apologizes Aradhya and she says she forgave him. He dies peacefully. Family sits in a shock.

After 5 years, Anjali and Munmun play hide and seek with Aradhya and Shamsher’s son Arjun. Bhavri comes and picks Arjun. Shamsher comes. Whole family prays god and Aradhya performs aarti. The serial ends.

The serial ends with Bhavri’s family reuniting and leading a happy life thereafter.

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