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Piya Rangrezz 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhavri falls ill and asks Shamsher why did not Arjun come yet. Shamsher leaves saying he will bring Arjun and also doc. Munmun massages Bhavri’s legs and asks her to rest. Bhavri sleeps.

Tilakraj calls Munna and informs that his men and Veer will attack Shamsher in some time. He gets tensed. Munmun asks him what happened. He says Tilakraj’s men will attack in sometime, but Shamsher is out and Bhavri is alone, he has to save Bhavri. Munmun says Bhavri never cared about him and loves only her family, else she would not have spared Shamsher for killing Manohar. Mama says she is right, he is nothing for Bhavri and is just a puppet, his son lift him and even his grandson died, but Bhavri is undeterred, let her also die.

Veer enters with Tilakraj’s goons and shoots guards. Bhavri hears sound, comes out of room, sees armed men, and goes to terrace to see howmany of them have entered house. Maama sees her and signals goons. Goons take him and Munmun at gunpoint to a room. After entering room, mama asks to lock room from outside and open it only after killing Bhavri’s family. Goons start killing guards.

Bhavri comes back to her room, locks it from inside and searches gun in grocery bags, but does not find them. She searches gun in cupboard and does not find even there. She gets gun from safety locker and starts shooting goons. Her bullets get over. Veer smirks thinking Bhavri will die today and even her grandsons are not there to help her.
Mama peeps out of window and sees Arjun getting out of his car. Arjun enters gate, but goons stop him and say that Shasmher ordered not to let him in. Bhavri sees him and calls him, but due to nearby people playing loud music Arjun does not hear her voice and leaves angrily thinking how can Shasmher do that and Bhavri back him off. He leaves back in his car.

Bhavri keeps cupboard on door and searches gun. She finds one on floor. Veer attacks her via window and she shoots bullets. He shoots her shoulder and she hides behind pillar writhing in pain.

Shamsher goes to hospital and asks doc if he packed aji amma’s medicine. Doc says yes and leaves with him. Veer plays Shamsher’s voice on his mobile. Bhavri thinks Shamsher came and comes out. Veer shoots her.

Precap: Arjun says Shamsher that his guards did not let him in. Shamsher asks which guards and says something is wrong.

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