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Piya Rangrezz 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sunehri makes its way into Bhavri’s haveli silently using scarf in excess of her confront. The girl perceives Bhavri using Sher and skins driving pillar. Sher with supper asks Gajra to bring pickles. Gajra offers your ex pickle container and travels to provide drinking water. Bhavri draws Sunehri’s, shuts her jaws and drags her to be able to her place. Mom and Vikas identify that and have before Sher. Shraddha will come for lunch. Sher asks her to be able to contact amma/Bhavri. Shraddha taking walks in direction of Bhavri’s place. Bhavri strangulates Sunehri, but halts hearing front door knock and asks that’s that. Shraddha claims it’s her, sher asked her into the future for lunch. Bhavri asks her to attend external, ties Sunehri’s jaws and arms and alerts her never to shout, more she will destroy each her and Shraddha. The girl and then starts up front door and asks just what your woman wants. Shraddha claims your woman failed to wide open front door due to the fact a very long time. Bhavri claims it’s her place and your woman can do whatever. Shraddha claims your woman was just inquiring. Bhavri asks why performed your woman occur. Shraddha claims Sher is calling her for lunch. Bhavri claims sher continues to grow upward, but won’t wish to have meal without having amma. The girl tresses front door and asks Shraddha into the future and work meal. Shradha taking walks in direction of kitchen area.

Bhavri begins supper using Sher and mama. A male will come. Mom asks in the event they reached accumulate charity and asks your ex for getting available. Shraddha claims your woman known as your ex. Guy will come and rests. Shraddha claims he could be Mohanji, a handwriting pro via her college or university exactly who made it easier for police force many times hook culprit. Mom asks your woman instructed Sunehri was illiterate. The girl claims your woman wishes to find out that’s to blame and asks everybody to be able to scribble in writing. Sher asks in the event she gets gone mad, when they aware her never to create dilemma, your woman failed to pay attention to your ex. He / she asks Mohan for getting available, but Shraddha asks your ex to be able to stay. Sher claims bhavri in which Sunehri was literate. Bhavri asks just how are brave enough to be able to question her. Shraddha claims she actually is not and wishes to find out exactly who stole her cash. Sher claims he’ll almost certainly scribble in writing 1st, creates and gives to be able to mohan. Bhavri claims they can complete whatsoever that they including, but she will move her place and asks mama to be able to contact her rear when this dilemma finishes.

Shraddha offers papers to be able to Aditya to post. Bhavri makes its way into her place and begins scary Sunehri in which she will throw her throughout bhatti/furnace in the event your woman won’t hear her and conveys to her what direction to go. Sunehri nods concurs and nods yes. Mom and Vikas scribble and pay papers to be able to Shraddha, but Aditya waits. Shraddha asks your ex to supply reports in the event he has scribbled. He / she hesitantly creates and arms in excess of papers. Sher asks Shraddha and also to compose and your woman can and gives papers to be able to Mohan. Mohan checks reports and nods no. Whenever they checks Aditya’s papers and is gonna say each handwritings match up, protect produces sunehri using cash carrier.

Shraddha asks Sunehri just what occured to be able to her. Bhavri begins shouting in Sunehri and asks safeguards where performed that they discover her. Safeguard claims your woman was eloping using many adult men, adult men escape, however they caught her. Shraddha asks Sunehri to tell just what occured to be able to her. Bhavri yells and asks Bhavri to be able to talk. Sunehri claims your woman noticed complete spouse and children was beyond home, your woman heard an audio throughout Bhavri’s place, noticed 3 men and women attempting to steal Bhavri’s cash when your woman tried using to be able to address these people, that they held her about marker position and built her compose in which mail to produce everybody believe your woman tried using to be able to steal cash, Bhavri’s goons preserved her via individuals thieves and delivered these people in this article.

Precap: Bhavri conveys to Shraddha she will supply her 3 duties to accomplish for getting Sher forever, in the event your woman fails, your woman should leave Sher forever.

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