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Piya Rangrezz 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Piya Rangrezz watch online

Shraddha says she saw Bhavri’s inner mother breaking up and helpless and in a fear of losing her lonely son, at that time ammaji/Bhavri was just a mother and ammaji told rightly that since she came into his life, he is not in peace and he will be crushed between her and ammaji. Ammaji tried to kick her out on gun point, but she did it in love of her son. She continues proving ammaji right and says if Sher really loves her, he should let her go from here. He wipes his tears and says she told right he does not understand anything, but truth is he does not want to understand anything. He wanted to give her happiness of whole life, but could not give happiness for even 2 seconds, so he does not have right to stop her and it it is his punishment. He just wants her to watch him taking pheras with Chanda as leaving him is her decision. She should not keep any memory with him.

He asks her to come with him now. She nods no. He holds her hand. She folds her hands and pleads not to force him to see what she does not want to. He asks why can’t, she should carry anger against him. She says she cannot get angry on him at all. He says he did not ask anything till now and is asking her to see him marrying Chanda and finish their relationship at once, else he will die each day. He holds her hand and drags her near mantap and makes her sit on a chair and himself sits on groom’s chair wearing sehra.

Bhavri comes and stands with munna mama and Vikas. Munna asks her if she thinks Shraddha will let this marriage happen. Bhavri says she does not know what is happening, let us see if Shradha will let this marriage happen silently. Once she leaves, Vikas says Sher’s second marriage is illegal. Munna says his sister is law here..

Bhavri asks Pandit to start marriage. Chanda comes and sits next to Sher. Shraddha cries vigorously and reminisces her marriage and pheras with Sher. Pandit asks Sher and Chanda to stand up for garland exchange. They both stand and Sher dorns garland on Chanda’s neck and looks at Shradda. Chanda also dorns garland in Sher’s neck and sher looks at Shraddha again. Shraddha reminisces exchanging garland with Sher during their marriage. Bhavri smirks seeing all this. Pandit calls for gath bandhan. Sunehri comes forward looking at Shraddha. Pandit asks to stand up for pheras. Sher starts taking pheras first looking at Shraddha. Shraddha again reminisces their pheras and reminisces Sher telling he likes her smile and will try to make her smile always, their romance, etc… Sher continues pheras looking at her repeatedly. Shraddha gets up finally and calls Sherji..and falls unconscious..

Precap: Doctor examines Shraddha and tells Sher that she is pregnant. Sher is shocked to hear that.

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