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Piya Rangrezz 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Arjun packs his bags. Munmun comes and says one brother already left her and now he is leaving and pleads not to go. He says she is son of this house and should be with aji amma. He comes down with his bag. Aji amma/Bhavri stops her and asks him not to go. Shamsher says he is blindfolded by Aradhya’s love and will not stop, so”; let him go. Arjun says bhai is telling right and leaves.

Arjun goes to Aradhya’s house and tells Tilakraj that he left his family and everything and came here for Aradhya. Tilakraj says he is penniless but is a diamond, so he is part of his family now. Arjun happily hugs him.

Munna sees Bhavri sitting sadly with alcohol glass and tries to enter room. Munmun stops him and asks why is he showing concern for enemy, let us leave this house. Munna says let her feel how it feels when dears ones back stab. He enters room and Bhavri says she is shattered now, earlier she saw son’s death and now grandsons, her house his shattering. Shamsher enters and says he will bring back Arjun even if he has to hold his legs.

Veer goes to Tilakraj and starts drinking liquor with him. Tilakraj says he is feeling guilty for trying to destroy her daughter’s in-law’s family. Veer shouts if he cannot digest alcohol, he should not drink and shouts that he has to choose Shamsher or his enemity and if he chooses his enemity, he will repent, so he should shut his mouth and help him kill Shamsher today. Munna calls Tilakraj and Veer asks him to switch on speaker. Munna says there is tight security at home and he will do something and send Shamsher out without security. Guard tells them that Shamsher has come.

Arjun standing in garden with Aradhya asks her not to touch male patient’s hands to check their pulse. Aradhya asks if he is jealous. He says kind of. He sees Shamsher’s car and asks guard why is his car here. Guard says he went in to meet Veer and Tilakraj.

Shamsher sees Veer in Tilakraj’s house and asks what is he doing here. He says Tilakraj wanted protecting against you, so he called him here, but he assured that you will not harm him now. Shamsher says Tilakraj he came to meet his brother and not a coward like him. Arjun comes and starts shouting at Shamsher that he knows he came to pamper him and take him home, but he will not come. Shamsher says he knows aji amma promised to get him married to Aradhya, then what prob he has here. Arjun says he is a problem and pushes him. Shamsher stands fuming while Veer and Tilakraj smirk.

Precap: Shamsher tells Arjun that they all will wait for him at home. Veer tells Tilakraj that both brothers should not unite. Arjun asks Shamsher to apologize Aradhya and he does. Ajrun then asks him to apologize Tilakraj.

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