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Piya Rangrezz 21st September 2015 Written Update

Shraddha tells Gajra that Sher still loves her. Gajra states Of course, he performed a drama and sent all girls from there without picking one for marriage. She asks her to halt crying. Shraddha claims she would like Sher to maneuver ahead in everyday life. Chanda enters and asks why is she crying. Gajra says she was reducing onion. Chanda suggests there isn’t any onion listed here. Gajra states onion was rotten, so she threw it. She asks if she requires something. Chanda suggests she demands to prepare meals for thakur saheb. Shraddha states she’ll put together food as she hopes to work here. Chanda offers her greens and leaves.

Mama tells Bhavri that bhanjaji ruined their program of relationship and appears like he will not likely acknowledge even an angel. Bhavri states she knew Sher would do exact same, but he is sure together with his text and will have to remarry. Chanda enters and suggests foods is prepared. Bhavri asks her to prevent buttering and have out. Chanda claims she gave her position, so she desires to serve her. Bhavri asks her to go now and provide food when she orders.

Chanda goes to kitchen area and asks Shraddha what did she get ready as it’s smelling very pleasantly. Shraddha says she well prepared bitter gourd sabji for thakur saheb. Chanda asks So how exactly does she know thakur saheb likes bitter gourd. Shraddha will get tensed. Gajra suggests Thakurayan utilized to prepare bitter gourd sabji, so she requested new servant to ready that. Mama enters and asks when will she provide food items. Chanda says she’ll serve at the moment. Shraddha states she’s going to prepare even sweets. Chanda says alright. Shraddha opens fridge and her pallu gets caught in doorway. Chanda identifies her. Shraddha pleads her not to tell anybody that she’s Shraddha. Chanda suggests she will never and apologizes if she spoke to her loudly. Shraddha many thanks her for preserving Sher. Chanda claims it had been her responsibility. Shraddha claims she would like to be around Sher. Chanda suggests when she enjoys thakur saheb so much, then why did she go away him, he is in deep pain, why she doesn’t need to Dwell with him. Shraddha states even she is trying to find out if she built a oversight by leaving or returning back. She provides her foodstuff and asks her to keep it in front of Sher, he will eat viewing his beloved sabji. Chanda agrees.

Sher will come again to his area and sees bitter gourd sabji. He bites it with roti and reminiscing Shraddha making ready very same taste sabji and serving him and smiles.

Bhavri loudly calls Gajra. Shraddha says Gajra has gone out with Sumer to bring groceries. Bhavri asks who is she. Mama claims considering that this is a marriage dwelling, he kept her as servant. Bhavri asks her to bring her paan spitter and he or she operates into corridor and picks spitter. Chanda states she does not have to do this. Bhavri hears Chanda contacting her thakurayan and asks Chanda what did she get in touch with her. Shraddha will get tensed. Bhavri gets rid of Shraddha’s veil which is shocked to check out her. Mama is likewise stunned to view her. She shouts at mama why did he maintain her for do the job. He says he did not know she’s Shraddha. Bhavri states she is attempting not easy to kick her out of Sher’s existence, but she normally will come back. Shraddha claims she can’t Stay without Sher. Bhavri suggests Sher is at your home and when he sees Shraddha, she’ll shoot Sher. Sher arrives calling Gajra. Bhavri drags Shraddha to a corner. Sher asks who perpared bitter gourd sabji. Bhavri will come again and claims Chanda geared up it, if he favored it. He suggests Certainly and goes again to his home. Bhavri then drags Shraddha to her place and scolds mama that he’s a squander human body, if Sher woudl have found Shraddha, he might have recognized that she pressured Shraddha to go away. She asks Shraddha if she Imagine she simply cannot get rid of her. Shraddha claims she is simply worried about her and Sher’s romantic relationship. Bhavri says romance is finished soon after she signed divorce papers and in many cases sher signed papers and reveals Sher’s signature on divorce papers. Sher has even damaged his space points, if she isn’t going to imagine, she can inquire Gajra. Mama backs her. Bhavri shouts this romance is in excess of now and in many cases if she attempts really hard, she is not going to let them unite. Her small business is her lifetime and she simply cannot Enable Sher get from it. She wishes her drama to end now. She really should leave from tomorrow early morning coach and until then, she’ll be underneath her observation. She orders servant to acquire her to store home and guard her.

At nighttime, Inebriated Bhavri Keeping alcohol glass comes to decide on drinking water from fridge and does not obtain it. She calls Gajra and enters servant’s quarter and kicks Chanda. Chanda wakes up and asks why is she listed here. She claims it really is her houe and she can occur just about everywhere. she orders her to provide food stuff to her room. Chanda serves her foods. Bhavri asks her to fill her glass and Chanda does. Bhavri yells why did she increase h2o in it and asks to organize A different glass. Chanda attempts to toss it. Bhavri claims much like a person receives sin if food items is throw, On this home throwing Liquor is sin and orders her to consume it. Chanda beverages it in 1 gulp. Bhavri asks if she obeys her a lot of, then she should even shoot bullet on her purchase.

Precap: Bhavri sees Sher Keeping a bag outside the house store space and asks why is he right here. He suggests he wants to remove his past, so He’s throwing factors in keep space. He enters shop place and mama asks Bhavri to prevent him from viewing Shraddha.

Written Update By Sahir


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