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Piya Rangrezz 20th November 2015 Written Update

Mama drags Vikas and angrily throws him on bed. Vikas asks if he is drunk in the morning itself. Mama says he came to get his alcohol down and shows 1 lakh bundle. He tried to snatch tigress/Bhavri’s food and if Bhavri kicks them out, they will be like street dog. Vikas asks him to stop his drama and remember howmuch he stole earlier. Mama says if he needs money, he will give. Vikas snatches money and asks if he will inform Bhavri that he stole it. Mama asks if he is arguing with his dad and tries to slap, but Vikas holds his hand and says he will cut his hand and says he worked hard here and it is time to reap benefits. He then sees mama wearing his shoes and says when father wears son’s shoes, they become friends and fight happens between friends. He walks out. Mama warns him to tell truth, else he will be in trouble. Vikas sees Chanda signalling to keep quiet and walks out of house. Mama runs behind him.

Chanda gets a panic attack seeing this and runs behind mama to see him getting into godown and telling that Chanda stole money and Vikas is innocent. Bhavri comes out of room and slaps Chanda saying he truth is out and asking how dare she is to try to kill her grandson and forcefully sending her to menta hospital. She then realizes that it was just her imagination and sees door still shut. Mama comes out yelling that Vikas is not ready to understand. Chanda enters next and sees Vikas highly inebriated. She picks empty botte and hits Vikas’ head. Vikas falls down. She then raises bottle to hit again, but sees full bottle forcefully makes him gulp whole bottle, saying he will see what she can do now.

Chanda tears her blouse and runs in front of Bhavri’s car. Bhavri comes out and asks what happened. Chanda hugs her and asks to save her from Vikas as he is trying to rape her. Vikas comes out holding his head injury.

Bhavri angrily hits Vikas with stick. Sunehri pleads to spare him. Bhavri pushes him and continues beating Vikas saying how dare he is to touch his bahu. Sunehri interferes again and asks her to wait until he gets sober. Bhavri throws water on Vikas and asks mama to take Sunehri from here. Shraddha interferes next and says Vikas cannot do this heinous act and there is some confusion. Sher comes and Chanda runs and hugs him. Shraddha says Vikas cannot even stand, then how can he try to rape Chanda. Sher asks her to prove it then. Chanda gets tensed. Bhavri asks Sher how can take Shraddha’s side. He says he is not taking anyone’s side. Bhavri tells Shradha that she has to prove it by evening and if she does, she will repent seeing Vikas’ condition. Chanda follows Bhavri.

Gajra asks how will she prove Vikas is innocent. Shraddha says Sher also does not believe Chanda, so he gave her a chance to prove Vikas innocent.

Precap: Vikas holds Shradha’s legs and apologizes for not listening her. Shraddha says they have a chance to prove his innocence. Vikas says what to prove, Chanda is mad and pops in pills like snacks to be under control. Sher hears their conversation.

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