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Piya Rangrezz 1st December 2015 Written Update

Piya Rangrezz watch online

Chanda enters hospital wearing nurse’s attire and mask and tries to walk into Bhavri’s room. Sumer stops her and asks where is she going in. Vikas starts flirting with her and then says already a nurse is taking care of Bhavri. Chanda says how can he talk to a nurse like this and says shift is changed. Sumer asks why is she wearing mask. Chanda says to avoid infection and they should also wear it. Vikas asks if he wears, bua will get well. Chand asks not to joke and acts as getting angry. Sumer and Vikas both wear masks.

Chanda then enters and locks door from inside. Nurse asks who is she. Chanda says doc sent her. Nurse says she will speak to doc once and picks her mobile. Chanda says there is no need for that. Nurse she she needs to speed. Just then, they see Bhavri opening eyes slightly and monitor beeping. Nurse walks out without calling doc.

Sunehri shows Chanda’s medicine bottle to Sher and says she found it under bed. Shradha asks if he members she showed it in Chanda’s room and Chanda must be taking it to calm her panic attack. Sher says today will be Chanda’s last day in this house. Nurse informs that Bhavri woke up. They all run towards room.

Bhavri wakes up and gets angry to see Chanda. She asks how dare she is to attack her and tries to slap. Chanda pushes her on bed and walks to attack her. Bhavri strangulates her neck. Chanda picks mask from her pocket and stuffs on Bhavri’s nose. Bhavri falls unconscious. Sher comes and sees Vikas and Sumer unconscious due to Chanda’s mask. Nurse says another nurse must have done it and is in. Sher sees door locked and shouts at Chanda to open door. Shraddha asks to break door. He breaks door and sees no one inside. He runs towards balcony and sees Chanda with Bhavri leaving in a car.

Chanda points knife on driver and orders to continue driving, else she will slit his throat. He says she cannot escape.

Sher orders Sumer to ask his men to block all roads in village and asks Vikas to follow him in another car. Shraddha says she will also accompany him to search ammaji. He says Chanda may harm her child, so she should stay at home and leaves.

Mama comes and asks Shraddha where is jiji/Bhavri. Shraddha says Chanda took her and tells whole incident happened. Mama panics that mad Chanda will harm his jiji. Shraddha asks him not to worry as Sher has gone behind Chanda.

Chanda continues pointing knife on driver’s neck and forcing him to drive. Driver sees Sher following them and says her that her death has come and she will not save. Chanda then points neck on Bhavri’s neck and orders to speed up. Sher shouts at driver to stop car, but he does not fearing Bhavri’s life and holds Chanda’s hand. Chanda slits his hand with a blade and shouts to continue speeding. A child comes in front of Sher’s jeep while crossing road and Sher helplessly stops his jeep. Chanda’s car speeds up.

Shraddha prays god to send back Bhavri home as soon as possible and thanks god for getting Chanda’s truth in front of everyone. Shraddha starts singing bhajan o palan haare..tumhre bin hamra kon nahi…

Chanda asks driver to stop car and get a wheel chair out. He does same. She oders to drop Bhavri on wheel chair and he does same again and asks what is she doing. She says to do what she says, else she will kill him. He says he will not go leaving Bhavri alone. She slits his hand and orders to go, else she will push Bhavri from cliff. He agrees. She orders to give his phone and go. He gives phone and leaves in car. She throws phone fromd cliff.

Driver reaches shop and takes shopkeepers phone to call Sher. Sher reaches just then and starts slapping him and asks where did Chanda take Bhavr. He says he is innocent and just obyed Chanda, else she would have killed both him and Bhavri. Sher asks again where did she take amma. He points direction. Sher asks to search Chanda and inform Sumer and him and leaves in his jeep.

Shraddha continues her bhajan while Sher continues searching Chanda and Bhavri.

Precap: Mama brings Sher’s dead body. Shraddha starts crying and asks Sher to get up. Mama says he will not get up and says what will he tell jiji/Bhavri.

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