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Piya Rangrezz 19th October 2015 Written Update

Bhavri kidnaps Aditya and his puppet child and hides behind a wall. She sends munna to check if sher and Shraddha are still searching child. Mama checks and hides seeing sher. Once Sher leaves, mama tries go back, but strikes with door and to divert their attention asks Shradha and Sher what are they doing on terrace. Sher asks what is he doing. Mama says he heard sound at terrace, so thought child must be here and came to catch him. Sher says even he came to catch child. Mama asks to come down and sleep as it is marriage tomorrow adn takes them from terrace.

Vikas wakes up with from sleep and in broken English asks what happened. Sumer also comes. Sher says Shraddha joked that she saw child. Shraddha says she really saw him and if we all search in whole house, they can find him. She sends Sumer and Gajra to check terrace while she searches rooms. Mama stops Sumer and Gajra and says he will search terrace with his son and goes up. Bhavri scolds mama why did he bring Vikas and asks them to stuff Aditya and his puppet child in a gunny bag and throw in some corner until marriage finishes.

Mama goes down and tells Sher and shraddha that he did not find anyone. Shraddha thinks she searched all rooms except ammaji, what if child tries to attack ammaji again. She runs towards Bhavri’s room and tries to open it. Bhavri comes out acting as waking up from sleep, yells at Shraddha that she will kill her instead of that child and asks to go and rest now.

In the morning, Sumer guides servants. Mama clashes with servant and tells Sumer to teach servants how to work. Vikas silently throws Aditya and child into truck and closes its door. Mama keeps Sumer busy and then scolds him to continue his work. Bhavri sees everything, calls mama and asks him to take Adity and child and keep an eye on them. Vikas drives truck and tells driver that Bhavri will reward him today. Aditya frees his hand and escapes with child. Vikas is shocked to see them missing and shouts why it happens to only him. Bhavri reaches spot with mama and slaps both mama and Vikas that they are useless. She shouts to search Aditya and child now. Aditya calls her and she shouts at him to come in front. He asks if she is missing her husband. She asks who is he. He says he will tell and asks her to come to his said place alone in 15 min, else he will inform Sher about her black truth.

Chanda and Gajra provide food to Sher. Shraddha asks Gajra to present incredibly hot roti to Sher. Sher asks her to come and provide herself. Shraddha nervously arrives before him. He asks to serve as He’s hungry. She serves roti with shivering hand. He bites it and states He’ll miss out on her prepared foods, he is marrying, but she’s owning farewell tomorrow, until then she should really observe her patni dharm and provide him food stuff.

Sumer enters with lady tailor who suggests she brought bridal gown and asks funds. He presents funds and asks to help keep remaining as tip. GHe then checks costume and states it is his most loved shade, Shraddha will need to have picked it needless to say as only she knows his favored matters. Shraddha reminisces their relationship and attempts to leave. Sher stops her and asks to get her duty, offering gown forcefully. Shraddha emotionally leaves. Sher thinks how can she be so stone hearted, how to elucidate her to prevent this marriage.

Bhavri reaches Aditya’s den and is shocked to determine her and her spouse’s pic.

Precap: Sher asks Shraddha why is she getting his pic if she doesn’t adore him. She states she won’t want to go away just about anything right here.

Written Update By Sahir


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