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Piya Rangrezz 19th November 2015 Written Update

Chanda brings home child toys, clothes and cradle. Shraddha and whole family looks surprisingly. Bhavri tells Shraddha that she was alleging Chanda yesterday, but she brought gifts for her child today. Chanda says she brought gifts for her child as she got a dream of playing with her child and morning’s dreams come true always. Mama scolds why did she bring them before getting pregnant and asks to get them out. Bhavri tells Shraddha that she should wait. Sher enters and says if Chanda is happy with these items, let her keep it in their room and asks Sumer and lallan to keep them in his room. Gajra laughs saying Shraddha that Chanda’s screw is lose. Shraddha says not to tell that. Chanda walks in front of Shraddha smirking.

Chanda looks at child’s pic in her room. Vikas brings hammer and nail and asks pagli bauji where to fix nail. She asks what did he say. He signals where to fix nail and while fixing it on wall asks what kind of madness she has.. Bhavri enters and asks Chanda to get Sher’s wallet and says she is going to her client’s party with Sher and mama and asks Vikas to deliver liquor consignment to customers today. Once Bhavri leaves, Vikas asks what if bua would have heard their talks. She holds his collar and says he should keep his mouth shut after taking money and if she gets trapped, she will not spare him.

Shraddha passes by and hears their conversation. She thinks she has to expose Chanda secret in front of Sher and force Vikas to accept that he forced Chanda to steal money. She goes to kichen and sees Sunehri praising Vikas for accepting her as his wife and she thinks it is a dream. Gajra says it is reality and she is evidence to it.

Shraddha takes Vikas to backyard. Vikas aks if she’s getting him to beat. She claims she is aware of the truth. Vikas nervously asks what reality. She asks him to prevent actively playing, else whole household are going to be in danger. He states he isn’t going to understand what she’s speaking. She states she is familiar with his and Chanda’s reality and tells the whole incident. She says she won’t want Chanda to damage loved ones and when she does, will he be capable to forgive himself. Chanda may be very offended now and might damage him, Bhavri, or Sher. She wants him to inform fact to Sher, else she’s going to convey to fact herself. Vikas gets tensed.

Mama concerns Vikas’s place right after preparing for social gathering, does not locate him and wears his sneakers. He feels box significant even devoid of footwear and finds one lakh rs bundle less than paper. He thinks Vikas stole it.

Vikas starts laughing and states she’s his ex-bhabhi and is simply madamji now. He asks how can she allege Chanda that she’s murder, thief, and so on., and now alleging him now. Shraddha claims he recognizes that Bhavri does not like traitors and because of him, Sunehri may even undergo. He angrily asks her to shut up now, he understands what is healthier for him and Sunehri. She suggests even just after getting with this family considering that childhood, he doesn’t know its value, but Sunehri is aware of. Vikas proceeds shouting. Maama angrily comes and drags Vikas from there.

Precap: Bhavri with Vikas and mama finds Chanda hiding in store room, drags her out of room, slaps for trying to harm Shraddha and child and asks peons to take her to mental hospital and give electric shock.

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