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Piya Rangrezz 18th May 2016 Written Update

Anjali gives medicine to Aradhya and asks her to have it. Aradhya says please. Anjali says she is becoming adamant like Shamsher. Aradhya says at least then people will love her. Anjali asks how can she smile even in pain and says she will fix her bed on cot. Aradhya says Shamsher will not like it. Shamsher enters. Anjali says Shamsher that Aradhya does not want to sleep on bed and asks him why did not he thank bhabhi for saving his life. He says Aradya snatched even his sister and asks Anjali to leave. Anjali leaves.

Shamsher starts yelling Aradhya that she is characterless and he did not ask her help her. She asks him not to call her characterless. He asks what was she doing with Arjun then. She says when she went to check Arjun’s fever, aji amma was present there. He continues yelling at her. She says she is pure like seeta mata. He asks her to give agni pariksha and takes her to Arjun’s room and asks her to shoot him. She holds gun but says she cannot kill Arjun. He says he knew she would not shoot him. She says she knows he will not think of killing his brother and left fake bullet in gun. He continues shouting. She says she loves only him and to prove it she can die for him. He walks out. She sits on sofa and cries. He reminisces her words that she loves him and can die for him.

In the morning, Anjali enters Aradhya’s room, runs out, and brings Shamsher. Arun also follows them. They are shocked to see Aradhya unconscious on sofa. Arjun shakes her and asks what happened to her, sees poison bottle and shouts Shamsher killed her. Anjali asks Shamsher if he is happy now. Bhavri enters and asks if she is really dead. Arjun says he acted on Bhavri’s insistence and she promised to get him back Aradhya, but now she will not be back. Bhavri gets nervous and says he is not in his senses. Shamsher gets angry on Arjun for misbehaving with Bhavri and tries to stab him with knife,but Bhavri stops. Aradhya wakes up and calls Shamsher. Bhavri shouts because of her, her grandsons are fighting. Arjun walks towards Aradhya, but Anjali says she will not let him insult any girl even if Bhavri punishes her. Bhavri slaps her and asks her to behave. Shamsher apologizes Aradhya and expresses his love. Arjun points gun on Shamsher and says if Aradhya cannot be his, she will not be even Shamsher’s. Bhavri shouts Aradhya will get out of her house now. Shamsher says if his wife goes, even he will go. Arjun contiues. Aradhya asks him not to take her name from his dirty mouth. Arjun walks out yelling at Bhavri that he acted as she said, but she loves Shamsher more. Shamsher runs behind Arjun to beat him.

Bhavri scolds mama for bringing Aradhya and says because of her both brothers are fighting. Mama says Arjun should not eye on his bhabhi and should be punished. Bhavri continues shouting. Shamsher returns and says Arjun escaped, but he will find him and shoot. Bhavri shouts again that he forgot brotherhood. Shamsher says Arjun buried their brotherhood. She shouts laundiya made her grandsons fight. Shamshe asks her to take her bahu’s name with respect and says she gave him evidence against Aradhya always. She says let us talk tomorrow. He says he will not leave Aradhya now. She continues shouting.

Precap: Aradhya says Shamsher that after their marriage, she would rather die than thinking of anyone else. He apologizes for doubting her. She says I love you.

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