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Piya Rangrezz 17th December 2015 Written Update

Piya Rangrezz watch online

Shamsher looks via his binoculars at a medical camp and a girl paying with kids. He asks servant if she is Tilakraj’s daughter. Servant says yes 100%. He gives his gun to servant. Another servant asks how can he go without weapon. Shamsher is Sher’s replica who asks servant to tell how his parents died. Servant tells him whole incident, how Chanda killed his parents. Shamsher wipes his tears and says to catch this prey, his tears are enough. He leaves in his car.

Tilakraj’s daughter teaches cleanliness and washing hands to children. A child asks if he has to wash his hands after wiping his nose. She laughs and says yes. Shamsher reaches there and asks her to come with him right now. She asks where. He says a pregnant woman’s water bags have ruptured and she needs help. She goes into ambulance. He locks door from outside. She pleads for help. People run for help, but Shamsher takes gun and they run back.

Ambulance starts. Sher gets in and locks door in. Girl asks where is he taking her. He starts taunting her. She opens door and says she will jump. He says she can and starts taunting her again. She asks who is he. He says he is aaji amma’s grandson and is obeying amma’s order to kidnap her. She shouts for help. Shamsher asks his servant to speed up. Girl sees Arjun coming on bullet and shouts for help. Shamsher locks door. Arjun from outside asks what is he doing in ambulance. Shamsher says long drive. Arjun leaves. Girl continues pleading for help. Shamsher continues taunting her.

Bhavri’s men bring auctioner on gun point. Auctioner pleads to forgive him for giving tender to Tilalkraj instead of her. Mama gives her loaded gun. Sunehri’s daughter brings burning coal and says why is she wastig bullet. Mama hugs her and says she is his real descendant, his granddaughter Munmun. Munmun asks servants to open auctioner’s mouth and puts coal in his mouth. Auctioner jumps in fear. Shamsher brings girl. Girl asks what is happening here. Shamsher says amma is punishing enemy. Servants take auctioner out.

Girl continues shouting. Munmun asks if she is knows in front of whom she is shouting. Girl says criminal granny who made her granson a criminal. Munmun shouts to control her tongue. Bhavri says her father Tilakraj took her tender and she needs it back in her return. She throws phone and asks to call her father. Girl calls Tilakraj and says Bhavri kidnapped her and needs her tender back, he can relax as he loves money more than family and not to worry if she is killed. Bhavri says she is acting too intelligent and she hates intelligent girls. She asks Munmun to throw her in home jail. Shamsher says this girl is bomb.

Munmun takes girl to home jail and asks how dare she is to bark in front of aji bua, nobody can utter a word in front of her. Girl says her bua is old criminal. Munmun shouts to control her tongue. They hear police siren and girl says her father came. Munmun says aji bua’s hands are till Delhi and nobody can touch her.

Tilakraj comes with police and asks inspector to get his daughter and yells Bhavri and her puppies will repent now. Inspector enters in. Bhavri asks to have something and go back. Inspector says he came with a search warrant on Tilakraj’s complaint.

Precap: Tilakraj challenges Bhavri that he will get back his daughter from her and will punish her and her puppies.

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