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Piya Rangrezz 15th September 2015 Written Update

Sher standing in the vicinity of his jeep reminisces Shradda’s mom and Bhavri telling Shraddha was Bored with daily life with him, so she left him. He drives his jeep back again to Shraddha’s parent’s home and shouts that he understands she is within house and is also screening him, he will not likely go right up until she will come out. Shradha cries within home and reminsces her happier days with Sher. She peeps from window and sees Sher standing. Her father states she’s not here, else seeing his affliction, she would’ve come out.

Bhavri provides Aditya bundles of money and states she’s returning greater than he invested and asks what does he require a lot more. Aditya states she is risking her romance along with her son and claims these bundles are certainly gentle and claims she should really initial make a list of all her residence and prosperity she has and give it to him. When he has taken such a huge risk, he really should get a huge return. Bhavri fumes. He states make a listing and meet up with him without having getting inebriated, till then he will anticipate her. Maama hears their discussion peeping. Aditya claims He’s a real munna and may not hear other’s discussion and suggests given that he has read everything, he should go and enable his jiji make an inventory.

Bhavri tells mama the way he spoke her, he isn’t by yourself and anyone is at the rear of him, if he demonstrates movie footage to Sher, she’ll fall in his eyes. Mama asks what he really should do now. She asks him for making an index of all her wealth. He suggests she is planning anything. She says she worked challenging to gather this prosperity and won’t give it to any person simply. Mama praises her brain and leaves to help make a list.

Sher reaches property and reminisces his assure built to Shraddha. He then looks at divorce papers and reminisces Bhavri’s and Shraddha’s dad or mum’s words. Chanda provides him foods. He throws it and asks how dare she is to enter his area and warns never to enter once again. Chanda suggests bhavri told to provide him food. He suggests she does not need to worry for him, That is his and ..Bhavri enters and says it can be Shraddha’s room and suggests if Chanda wouldn’t have taken out bullet from his upper body, he would have died. Why don’t he understant, Shraddha still left him and he should really fail to remember her. He claims he are not able to. she asks what should she do to produce him think. He states if Shraddha says herself, he will. He carries on that marriage is amongst two persons and anyone can not split it easily. He’ll clash with Shraddha some working day after which you can he will question her, until finally then she really should retain quiet and states third man or woman’s interference is worst.

Bhavri goes to Shraddha’s dad or mum’s residence. Father greets her. Bhavri asks if he is trying conserve romance and says Shraddha has signed divorce papers and in lieu of generating drama, they must get out. Mom and dad wander out. Bhavri suggests Shraddha her two Adult men are spying on her and supplying report of her Each and every minute, so she are not able to escape. She asks her to and fulfill Sher within a sector position and work as hating him. Shraddha agrees. Bhavri throws funds bundle and leaves.

Sher wakes up and sees Chanda endeavoring to blend medicines. Chanda will get frightened. He asks her title and apologizes for shouting at her yesterday. She says he doesn’t need to apologize and should not scold both loudly, else her work might be at risk. Sher agrees. Chanda wishes for his wish to be fulfilled before long. Just then, Bhavri’s puppet calls Sher and informs that Shraddhais making an attempt to flee ina bus. He informs Chanda that god heard her desire and leaves.

Bhavri praises her puppet for acting well. Puppet suggests he is from Allahbad, so He’s born actor. Bhavri says now he should see Shraddha’s actiing. Sher arrives and begins hunting buses. He sees her standing aside holding bus ticket. Abhi mujhme kahin baki thodi si hai zindagi….track plays inside the track record..Just when she is about to board bus, Sher holds her. She hugs him tightly and cries. Bhavri fumes viewing her hugging Sher.
Precap: Shraddha suggests Sher that she built a mistake of loving him and now she really wants to appropriate her blunder. Sher shoots bullets in air angrily.

Written Update By Sahir


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