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Piya Rangrezz 15th December 2015 Written Update

Shraddha gets labor pains. Whole family gets concerned and Bhavri asks Sumer to call doctor. Chanda comes back as old woman and asks why they stopped entertainment and says still a lot is left. She will go and light lamp in temple.

Sher takes Shraddha to her room and walks out leaving her with Bhavri. Chanda locks door from outside and watches from balcony. She lighs on match stick and throws it on curtain. Whole house catches fire due to kerosone. All guests panic and shout. Bhavri knocks door and shouts to open door. Shraddha also panics. Bhavri says she will check and touches door, but removes it as door is very hot. She continues banging door.

Sher gathers all guests in lawn and asks if everyone is safe. Everyone say yes. He asks Sumer to drop them outside. He then asks where are Shraddha and amma. Vikas says he himself left her in room. Chanda calls him and removes her makeup. Sher strangulates her neck. Chanda says they would have burnt like a tandoor by now. He throws her on floor and runs towards room. Chanda laughs.

Sher runs and opens room door, dorns blankets on Shraddha and Bhavri and takes them out of room. Fire increases and mama shouts to bring them soon. Sher sees wooden ladder falling, so he pushes Bhavri and Shraddha and takes it on himself. Bhavri’s face cathes fire while Shraddha falls on floor and writhes in pain.

Mama with others brings Sher, Shraddha, and Bhavri to hospital and doc takes them to ICU. Sunehri panics nervously. Vikas consoles her. Mama shouts that he will not spare Chanda and asks Sumer to go and inform police and not let Chanda out. Once Shraddha, Sher and jiji’s condition stabilizes, he will kill Chanda until she pleads for life. Sumer leaves.

Vikas silently tells mama that they wanted to kill them, but Chanda did their work, now they both can enjoy Bhavri’s wealth. Mama slaps him and says he is ashamed of himself to bear a son like him. He betrayed his own family. He just prays that his jiji, bhanjaji, bahuriya and children get well soon. He asks Vikas to get out and not show his face again. Vikas leaves.

Shraddha on operation bed reminisces wooden ladder falling on Sher and shouts where is Sherji and ammaji, how are they. Doc asks her to calm down as her condition is critical and she needs to be operated. Shraddha asks how is her husband. Doc says he is being treated and gives her oxyen.

Doc comes out and informs mama that sher is calling him. Mama goes in and sees Sher fully burnt except his face. He wiggles his fingers on Sher’s forehead. She wakes up and asks if ammaji and Shraddha are fine. Mama says they both are fine. Sher says he wants to meet Shraddha. Mama says he will. Sher asks to take him to Shraddha as every second is precious for him. Mama calls doc and Sher is taken next to Shraddha’s bed. Both Sher and Shraddha look at each other and hold their hands.

Sher tells Shraddha that he came here to see his daughters and to see if she is complaining against him. Children are born and doc congratulates them that they got 2 baby boys. Shraddha smiles at Sher. Sher says this is wrong, she fulfilled her wish. He dies holding Shraddha’s hand with open eyes.

Bhavri holds her grandsons and thinks they are her responsibility now.

Chanda who is completely mad now laughs in jail and says she loves Sher a lot. She vomits, holds her stomach, and smiles realizing that she is pregnant.

Precap: Sher’s one son is shown traveling in bullet and another watching nature from his binocular. Bhavri is also shown between them.

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