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Piya Rangrezz 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Veer brainwashes inebriated Shamsher that he is frustrated that Aradhya has befriended Arjun and does not like even seeing him. Shamsher continues drinking and Veer continues brainwashing him against Aradhya and Arjun.

Bhavri also drinks alcohol and tells mama that her 2 tigers are fighting for laundiya/Aradhya and what magic that chudail/Aradhya did that her grandsons are mad behind her. Mama says laundiya is very intelligent. Bhavri scolds him for praising Aradhya. Munmun comes with Shamsher’s mobile and tells mama that his doubt was right. Bhavri asks what is happening. Mama says laundiya sent message to Shamsher that Arjun is meeting her and asks to find a meaning out of it. Bhavri reminisces all incidents and shouts Tilakraj sent his daughter to take revenge. Mama says she is right and asks Munmun to get his gun, he will shoot Tilakraj. Bhavri says not now, we will hit iron when it is hot.

Tilakraj’s assistant mimics how Arjun and Shamsher fought. Tilakraj and his sister laugh and enjoy his mimicry. Tilakraj says sister that his attack is working well and if Bhavri’s grandsons die, Bhavri will die automatically.

Aradhya comes back home from hospital and thinks Arjun did not call or message her, if she should call or not and talks nervously.

Anjali applies medicine on Arjun’s wounds. Arjun says she should start clinic. He gets call and Anjali picks call and says his doctor friend call and leaves. Arjun takes phone and says hello. Aradhya asks why did he take so much time and asks if he is busy. He says actually he is. She says she will call him later then and disconnects and thinks why did she call when he does not care at all. Arjun thinks he did right.

Bhavri tells mama that they should be careful as Tilakraj will try to make Arjun and Shamsher fight. Munmun says she will serve food to shamsher. Bhavri asks if he did not have food yet. Munmun says he is still drinking upstairs with SP. Bhavri asks till now and walks upstairs.

Veer takes inebriated Shamsher to balcony. Shamsher asks why did he come here. Veer says for that he has to kill him and says it is not rocket science, he just has to strangulate his neck. Shamsher laughs and asks where is he taking him. Veer says he came from far away to kill his family and until he finishes his work, he will not be in peace. Shamsher says everyone want him to kill but get killed. Veer says he came to kill him and he will be his first win and is about to push him from balcony when Bhavri enters and shouts. Veer gets alert and says Shamsher lost his way, but he heldhim. Bhavri asks mama to take Shamsher to his room.

Veer says he will leave now and asks if he can call her aji amma. Bhavri smiles and asks when Shamsher is so much inebriated why did not he. He asks if she is doubting him. She smiles and thanks him for saving Shamsher. He says he called her aji amma and Shamsher brother, so there is no need to thank. Bhavri smiles. He thinks oldie is very intelligent and he needs to be careful.

Veer reaches home. His mother asks why did he come late. He says he was busy at work. She asks at Bhavri’s home. He asks how does she know. She asks if she got Shamsher inebraited. He says yes and says he would have killed Shamsher, but wants him to suffer for some more time. He wants to play safely. He takes knife and slits his wrist and says he wants her to rule over Bhavri’s wealth and wants Bhavri’s grandsons to make her servants. He smears his blood on his face and says he wil make them shed blood tears.

Precap: Veer makes card house and says it is like Bhavri’s house and even if he pulls one card, whole house will fall, but Bhavri is very intelligent and is hold all cards together.

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