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Piya Rangrezz 13th October 2015 Written Update

Bhavri scolds Sher how dare he is to insult his mama and says only she can insult her brother, he insulted mama as he does not have sister and continues that he obeyed Shraddha and is still loving her. Sher says she is stretching issue and knows that he cannot see any woman’s insult. Bhavri continues that mama went there on her insistence and was just applying tilak to child. Shraddha says he was frightening child. Bhavri shouts that she thinks Shaddha is playing child’s drama to stop this marriage and attacked Sumer, Sher and her. Shraddha says she is thinking wrong. Bhavri shouts since this divorce drama started, all this is happening. Sher says after Shraddha, Chanda also came in, they know Shraddha well but not chanda. Bhavri shouts even now he is taking Shraddha’s side. Sher says when he did not interfere then, why will he now. He starts yelling at Shraddha that he does not care about her now and they both can fight pulling each other’s hair, he will just be a spectator.

Bhavri continues alleging shraddha that all her enemies are dead, so only she is alive. Shraddha says she herself left Sher, then why will she try to lure him again, she will go from here after divorce is finalized. Bhavri shouts if she is involved, she will be punished. Once she leaves, everyone follows her leaving Shraddha alone.

Aditya enters Bhavri’s room and tells Shraddha saved her, else Sher is very intelligent and would have caught her lie. She asks him to get out if he is done. He says he does not care how many times she gets her son married, he feels bad for Shraddha and she should stop blaming Shraddha for everything, else she will repent. She says again if he is done, he should get out. Aditya says he will go, but wants to say that he does not want to know who the child is and what she did to him. He even tried to get secret from munna mama, but he failed. Bhavri is shocked. He says she just has 8 weeks to fulfill her promise now. She says when anyone dies in marriage house, it is inauspicious and marriage will be postponed, he is her husband and if he is dead, marriage will postponed for 1 year. He says marriage will postponed, but what if Sher will know her true face, she will totally lose him.

Shraddha prepares meals reminiscing Sumer telling baby slapped him and he was quite solid after which baby trying to kill sher. Gajra will come and claims bhavri identified as her. She reaches Bhavri’s room. Bhavri asks to close place and commences her usual drama. She claims she concluded her sister’s engagement ceremony so properly and suggests only she finds fault in her, but she is so attractive that Sher is mad guiding her as well as slapped mama. Shraddha will get anxious. Bhavri says she will see Sher nevertheless mad behind her, but now she would like to change this, so she needs her to create Chanda identical to her to ensure that sher goes mad driving Chanda as an alternative. Shraddha shockingly listens to her and suggests she must not have beloved any person, else she would know natural beauty and gestures do not matter in real adore. Bhavri fumes and states she understands what legitimate enjoy provides, a man needs over correct like, so she desires Chanda to entertain Sher, she really should just do what she says.
Precap: Mama tells Bhavri he warned her against baby, but she didn’t pay attention. She scolds him. Sher asks her to listen to mama to start with.

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