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Piya Rangrezz 13th November 2015 Written Update

Bhavri enjoys snacks in lawn. Sher comes. She asks if he came to apologize on wife’s insistence. Sher says whatever she did not taught, he had to learn it from his wife. She smiles and throws peanut on him and says he should take care of Shraddha and her child till it is born and after that take care of child till it grows. He says she is there to take care of his child. She says she took care of him already and will do her dadigiri, she wants to see him running behind his child. They both continue to talk and laugh.

Chanda takes food for Shraddha. Massager stops her and says Gajra and Sunehri have gone in to change Shraddha’s clothes. Chanda asks her to teach her how to massage once, she will do Shraddha’s massage thereon. Massager asks why she wants to kick her stomach and says massaging is not an easy job, if pregnant woman’s wrong nerve is pressed, child may die. Chanda says she does not believe it. Massager says she does not care if she believes or not, if she is lying, god will punish her. Chanda stands silently. Massager pinches her leg nerve and Chanda writhes in pain. Massager says if this nerve is pinched, nerve entangles and child will die. Chanda smirks.

Massager massages Shraddha’s feet commenting once her child comes in world, Sher will be behind her and her child and everything will be normal. Chanda fumes. Gajra comments that she talks a lot. Massager drops oil by mistake and tells Gajra and Sunehri got job at least and they will not stare at her. Bhavri calls Gajra to bring tea for her. Chanda says she will serve tea and Gajra/Sunehri can take care of Shraddha.

Chanda goes to Bhavri’s room and complains her that massager is commenting more than massaging and Shraddha’s pain is still active. Bhavri scolds munna for not arranging proper massager and goes to Shraddha’s room. She hears massager commenting on Shraddha’s bangles that they are very pretty and must be khandani. She twists massager’s neck and shoos her away from there. Massager runs for her life. Bhavri then asks Gajra and Sunehri if they know massaging. They say no. Chanda suggests her to massage herself. Shraddha gets nervous and says no. Bhavri says she will and massages Shraddha’s leg saying she is very lucky that she is massaing her after her lalla. Sunehri brings warm oil. Bhavri takes oil and sends her. Chanda says she did not massage sole.

Sher scolds Vikas for not calculating ledger properly. Vikas says he does not know to count even 100. Sher says he can use mobile calculator. Sumer comes running and says bhabiji. Sher runs into Shraddha’s room and is surprised to see Bhavri massaging Shraddha’s legs. Sumer says he wanted him to show this magic. Vikas comments that Bhavri makes people dance on her tune and now will dance around her grand kid. Sumer comments that it all happened because of Chanda and Gajra told him about it. Sher and Vikas taunt Sumer. Chanda hears her praise and smiles. Sher leaves seeing her.

Chanda goes to Shraddha’s room. Bhavri says she finished massaging, so Chanda can clean her legs. Chanda reminisces massager’s words and pinches Shraddha’s nerve. Shraddha writhes with stomachache. Bhavri and other come running. Sher also comes running. Bhavri asks Vikas to call doc. Sher asks Sumer to bring car keys. Chanda asks Sumer to wait and says she will bring keys. She runs into room, finds keys and smirks looking herself into mirror. She then looks at Sher’s pic and says why is he worried about Shraddha when she has already gone from his life. He should think of her instead, she gets very jealous when he goes near Shraddha, so she has planned something and will kill both Shraddha and her child, then only it will be her and Sher. She will not let Sher’s car start. She throws keys behind bed.

Sher and Bhavri wait near jeep. Sunehri and Garja console writhing Shraddha. Chanda comes and says she did not find keys in room.

Precap: Bhavri asks Vikas to bring another car. He says she herself sent mama to city in another car. Chanda smirks. Sher tries to start car with wires.

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