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Piya Rangrezz 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sher gives mangalsutra to Shraddha and suggests Hearing her words and phrases, he feels listening to her always. He keeps her bag again in jeep and it is about to sit on his seat when Shraddha suggests she desires one a lot more favor from him and asks him to forgive his amma and bail her out as she’s his mom and did errors thinking about his reward. Amma thinks shraddha can be a menace for Sher’s life and will dispose of her, but she loves her son Sher a lot. Sher asks what mud she is comprised of, amma harms her usually and he or she hopes to bail her out. Shraddha suggests only adore can complete hatred and requests him to provide Amma again household.

shraddha reaches household. Sunehri happily hugs her and suggests in place of luring her husband and controlling him, she obeys him and runs driving him. Shraddha smiles. Shraddha then receives tea for Sher and asks him yet again to carry Amma back. He suggests he is stunned how can a mom make this happen along with her possess son’s daily life. She didn’t regard his inner thoughts and employed lies and betrayal for her reward, Every time He’ll see her facial area, he will remember only betrayal. He requests her never to power him all over again. She silently leaves.

Bhavri scolds constables and asks whenever they bought her bail. Lady constable states she should be developed in court as her Listening to is today. Bhavri gets tensed and asks where by is munna. She claims in court with law firm. Inspector enters, asks constables to no cost Bhavri and suggests Sher took all his issues and bailed her out. She asks how can he bail her out so early. He suggests her blood pressured Sher to relaxed down and He’s out expecting her. He requests to forgive Sher instead of punish him.

Bhavri will get outside of lockup and leaves with Sher in his jeep. Sher gets her to their home and leaves silently inside household, leaving her in jeep. Maama and Vikas occur managing and begin buttering Bhavri. They get Bhavri within dwelling. Bhavri claims first she went to medical center then jail, now she received psychological seeing her home. Maama and Vikas get started buttering her yet again. Sumer comes and touches her feet. Shraddha then touches her feet, but Bhavri will get irked and starts off scolding her. Sher gets irked and involves ways to confront, but Shraddha indicators him to halt.

Bhavri carries on scolding Shraddha that she’s a menace for Sher and her and is also misleading Sher. Sher interferes and says she planned to serve amma and now she need to undergo amma’s torture. Amma/bhavri yells once again and leaves. Sunehri asks Shraddha why did not she confront Amma. Shraddha changes subject matter and asks her to create arrangements for tonight’s dinner.

In room, Sunehri sees Vikas tensed and asks purpose. He says he is not as Sher and bhavri united. She states even she is satisfied, but… He asks what but… she claims absolutely nothing… Vikas says mother and son’s connection differs, a son cannot be angry on mother for a long period, listed here it wasn’t mom’s oversight all. He claims he is perplexed how Sher improved his decision so abruptly, when he left property Sher was going out to fall Shraddha to her guardian’s home but The full situation was various. Sunehri suggests Shraddha forgave Bhavri and not Sher. He’s surprised to hear that and thinks of applying this in his favor.

Bhavri although taking pleasure in Alcoholic beverages with maama tells she is shocked seeing Sher’s changed conduct. Vikas enters and tells they should pack luggage and depart as Sher threw all Liquor bins in drain and stopped their liquor business.
Maama asks him to stop. Vikas alerts him and states He’ll inform fact to bua/aunty and tells Sher bailed her out on Shraddha’s order and claims slowly and gradually Manage will almost certainly Shraddha’s hands.

Shraddha brings dinner for Sher and looks at him smilingly. Bhavri arrives and throws food items plate.

Precap: Bhavri challenges Sher to receive revenue loyally initially and afterwards consider closing her business. He troubles that within 1 month, he will exhibit his well worth.

Written Update By Sahir


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