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Piya Rangrezz 13th April 2016 Written Update

Aradhdya at midnight silently enters Bhavri’s room, picks Arjun’s photos from album and photoframe and tries to leave. Bhavri comes and asks what is she holding in hand. Aradhya gives photoes and says after dining table’s incident it is clear that Shamsher does not care about her and she is nonexistent for him, only Arjun cares about her and loves her, so she wants to break her marriage with Shamsher and came here to take Arjun’s photoes. Bhavri gives photoes and shouts if she thinks it is a joke.

She drags her into hall and calls everyone. She hands over Arjun’s pics to Shamsher. Shamsher watches pics and throws. Bhavri shouts she showed her true colors and was stealing Arjun’s pics from her room. Shouts that she does not like dirtiness in her house and get out. Aradya stands smirking. Bhavri shouts what is going on in her mind. Aradhya says she wanted to prove this and Bhavri made it easier for her. Aradhya says Shamsher if she had prepared Arjun’s favorite food, aji amma would have thrown her out and instead kept quiet and was waiting for his reaction. He can understand the meaning. She says Bhavri that she is an educated doc and realized why she was forced to make gajar halwa and bhindi fry instead of brinjal and palaj sabji. Munna thinks Bhavri got a good opponent. Bhavri shouts that she was telling she loves Arjun, but now changed her words. Aradhya says she went to her room when she was coming in and acted like stealing pics and telling she loves Arjun just to get out her truth. She then burns Arjun’s pics in front of everyone and says it proves she does not love Arjun. Shamsher shouts and drags her hand to throw her out. Naani stops him. He shouts to take her away. Aradhya says she justed wanted to prove that she was made a victim and he is believing her now, she proved herself. Naani takes her from there. Bhavri stands in a shock. Arjun watches from balcony gulping alcohol. Shamsher angrily leaves.

Arjun goes to his room and continues drinking. Munmun comes brainwashes him against Anjali that Anjali is with Shamsher than him, but she is with him and will be with him always. She says Aradhya burnt pics, but she still loves him, he should listen to his heart. Arjun continus gulping alcohol and reminisces Bhavri’s words that Aradhya is acting as Shamsher’s wife but has not consummated marriage yet. He then reminisces Aradhya’s hatred for him.

Naani takes Aradhya to her room. Aradhya says she is feeling bad to play this game against aji amma, but she wants to prove Shamsher that she loves him. Naani says she did right, Bhavri is doing wrong, instead of playing games, she should use love. She says Bhavri must have played game with Bahadur cook, she needed to be taught a lesson. She continues her moral gyaan and says she has to give tit for tat and use saam, daam, dand, bhed. Aradhya then touches naani and says she is having high fever and makes her sleep on bed an gives medicine. Shamsher passes by and sees her taking care of Aradhya. He reminisces Aradhya telling she does not love Arjun. Anjali passes by and asks Shamsher if he does not think, Aradhya has brought warmth in this house, she is taking care of elder so lovingly, she always saw fighting and gun sound in this house till now. She thought earlier that Aradhya has come to take revenge, but she is following her responsibilities so well even after losing everything and has not lost humanity. She continues that bhabhi prepared food for him and not Arjun and he got a good wife, it is his turn to prove himself a good husband. He listens silently and walks away. Arjun hears their conversation hiding behind wall and gets angry.

Precap: Arjun enters Aradhya’s room and watches her changing clothes hiding.

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